Celebrating 45 years of Royal Resorts

We hope that you join us this year to celebrate 45 years of Royal Resorts. Together we have seen 45 years of incredible vacation experiences and adventures, dreams come true and so many precious memories.

The story of Royal Resorts is one of pioneers who saw the beauty of Cancun in the early years, shared a vision of vacation living and never looked back. They were joined by our first visitors who fell in love with the Mexican Caribbean and decided to make it their vacation home.

Our first resort The Royal Cancun was followed by The Royal Mayan, The Royal Caribbean, The Royal Islander and The Royal Sands. In 2006, The Royal Haciendas opened at the heart of the Riviera Maya, with architecture and gardens inspired by the grand old estate houses of Yucatan and Mexico. Then came Grand Residences to the south of Puerto Morelos offering a luxury vacation experience that has won international accolades.

And this summer, we’ll be back where it all started, revisiting the Authentic Cancun experience at Royal Uno.

From all of us at Royal Resorts, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for joining us on this journey and for these 45 years. We look forward to many more incredible Mexican Caribbean moments together.

Share your memories

Over the next few months, we’ll be publishing stories about the 45 years of Royal Resorts, talking to Royal Resorts employees and members. If you would like to share your memories, anecdotes or photos please contact us.