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Royal Resorts Signature Club Elite Membership

On your next vacation find out how you can take vacationing to a new level of luxury with stays at the award-winning Grand Residences, more vacation perks and world travel. The new Grand Residences Points-based Membership gives you exclusive…
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Royal Resorts protecting the environment

At Royal Resorts we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and protect the planet. This time it is the turn of the resort restaurants and bars. They have gone one step further from supporting the no straws campaign…
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Royal Resorts 2018 Turtle Season

Here's our latest update on the Royal Resorts 2018 turtle season. Royal Resorts security personnel, our turtle guardians, have already released the first 3,822 baby turtles of the season so that they can scuttle down the beach and disappear…
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Latest news about The Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean will be staying in the Royal Resorts family. For the latest news about the termination of the Royal Caribbean membership program visit the Members Area of www.royalresorts.com (member log in required).
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Improving facilities at The Royal Haciendas

We have some news for The Royal Haciendas members traveling to the Riviera Maya this September. We are working on improvements to facilities at your resort that affect La Palapa del Sol restaurant and the motor lobby. Work will take place during…
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Education and conservation, Royal Resorts community causes

From scholarships for students, aid for the sick to conservation, Royal Resorts supports many community causes. Here's a look at some of the Royal Resorts Foundation's latest projects.
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Chichen Itza, city of an ancient god

The ancient Mayan metropolis of Chichen Itza is still revealing its secrets. Pyramids within pyramids, cenotes deep under the sacred heart of the city and paths that seem to lead towards Xibalba, the Underworld, are some of the amazing finds…
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Beach, reef and jungle adventures in Puerto Morelos

When was the last time you visited Puerto Morelos? Perhaps you went for a casual seafood lunch at one of the waterfront palapa restaurants and walked along the wooden dock afterwards to watch the fishermen unloading their catch surrounded by…
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Cancun Airport news

Cancun Airport continues to grow with the planned construction of a fifth terminal as part of its development project for the next six years. Building is slated to begin in 2019. The new facility will enable the airport to handle an additional…