August 9, 2012: The clouds are disappearing, the sea is calming and the sun is now shining in the Mexican Caribbean! The occasional shower and isolated thunderstorms are forecast for the next couple of days, but the weather is improving all the time. There are already plenty of people on the beach and by the pools at the Royal Resorts this morning.

Days of prolonged rainfall are rare in Cancun and the Riviera Maya but when they do occur, the Royal Resorts Activity Centers offer a Rainy Day Activity program You can also keep track of action from your favorite sporting events in the bars, this week of course, this means the final competitions in the London 2012 Olympics at the Royal Resorts Bars.

Here are some more ideas for rare cloudy or rainy days in Cancun and the Riviera Maya:

Head for the Spa
This might be the perfect time to indulge with some spa pampering to help you really unwind. How about a massage, a herbal body wrap or a fragrant facial.

Go Shopping
Head for Cancun’s malls, you’ll find an upscale selection of gems, watches and jewelry, designer wear, perfumes and cosmetics, hand-crafted leather, Mexican silver and colorful crafts from all over the country. Of course you can start your shopping tour right here at the Royal Resorts with a visit to La Paloma Gift Shop at The Royal Sands and The Royal Caribbean.

Relax & Recharge
Did you bring some books with you or your Kindle or iPad? Catch up on your vacation reading. Let us know how you get on and what your favorite beach reads are. If you didn’t bring your iPad, you can rent one from your resort store The Royal Market. They also offer a DVD rental service.

We hope that you’ll also spend some time watching our in-house TV station Royal Channel (channels 5 and 17) and relax with a time-honored Mexican siesta; the sound of the waves will soon lull you to sleep.

Mingle and Meet your Fellow Guests
Meet other members of the Royal Resorts community and talk to the staff. You could even take some time to practice your Spanish and learn some new words.

Explore Cancun
When the rain eases up, you could venture out and visit the Cancun Aquarium at La Isla Shopping Mall, explore El Rey archaeological site or go for a walk along the beach. As the weather begins to improve, remember that cloudy, rain-free days are a good time to visit to the ancient cities of Chichén Itzá, Cobá, Ek Balam or the picturesque colonial town of Valladolid, a Mexican treasure.

Tempting Dining
You deserve something special for dinner so why not enjoy some Caribbean seafood at Captain’s Cove, steaks and flambéed specialties at El Conquistador or opt for margaritas and a Mexican meal at Hacienda Sisal. If you are at The Royal Haciendas, Los Murales offers delectable seafood.

If it does rain, don’t let it put a damper on your vacation! Enjoy yourselves safe in the knowledge that Chaac, the ancient Mayan rain god will soon be on the move, la lluvia will disappear and the warm sunshine will return to our beautiful beaches.