We have the best news of all for you, the first 296 baby turtles of the season have hatched at The Royal Sands!

The Royal Resorts turtle guardians are busier by the week as more and more female turtles emerge from the waves to lay their eggs on the beaches in front of The Royal Sands, The Royal Islander and Royal Uno All Inclusive Resort & Spa in Cancun.

The tally of nests in the corrals at the three resorts currently stands at 296 with 34,806 eggs, the majority laid by green turtles.

The adult turtles will continue to come ashore to nest during August and September and more baby turtles will scuttle across the beach, making their way towards the waves and a new life at sea.

Always a pioneer, Royal Resorts has been protecting the sea turtles since 1985. It was among the first resort groups to sign up when Cancun municipal authorities subsequently launched a conservation campaign and now participates in the annual statewide turtle program coordinated by SEMARNAT, the Mexican Department of the Environment. Official record keeping began in 1998 since then it has protected 10,247 nests and released 925,667 baby turtles, a figure that will continue to rise as the 2021 season progresses.