Congratulations go out to Mirna Pech, the Royal Resorts Executive Housekeeper who has passed another milestone this year, 37 years with the company.

Originally from Sotutá in the state of Yucatán, Mirna began her career at The Royal Cancun when she was 15, and her first job was as a maid assigned to the villas in building 5. The years passed and Mirna worked her way up the corporate ladder as a Maid Supervisor, Assistant Housekeeper, The Royal Caribbean Housekeeper and finally Executive Housekeeper for the Cancún resorts in 2002. She now manages a team of 350 employees in the Housekeeping and Laundry departments.

Mirna loves her job and says, “I have been with Royal Resorts for more than half my life, but time flies when you enjoy what you do! This is a great company and I am proud to work here. From the early years, the Developers instilled a spirit of community, friendship and fairness in the workplace that still endures. We have a philosophy of excellence and attention to detail, that we reinforce with teamwork, constant training and a belief in the value of every employee. I think that our work environment is unique and that we transmit its warmth and friendliness in the hospitality that we offer.” She adds, “Our members return year after year are our beloved friends and part of our family and I thank them for their trust and preference.”

On the subject of professional growth, Mirna is grateful for the opportunities that she has had at Royal Resorts and says: “I learn something new every day that I can implement to improve the services we offer. In recent years, I have been involved in the company’s green program. We are looking for ways to protect the planet and conserve natural resources and the steps we have taken to date in the Housekeeping and Laundry department include changing many of our procedures and substituting many of the cleaning products we use for environmentally friendly alternatives.”

Mirna ‘s enthusiasm and passion for her job has spread throughout her department. She really is a distinguished member of the Royal Resorts family.