Turtle Season

The turtle season is in full swing in the Mexican Caribbean and Royal Resorts has had a spate of arrivals of these special summer visitors in recent days. This week in Cancún, security staff at The Royal Sands reported seeing four nesting turtles, two nights running! Their eggs were moved to a corral and make a total of 65 nests at the resort, while the tally for The Royal Mayan, The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander stands at 137.

And as the female turtles continue to emerge from the waves at night to dig their nests, the clutches of eggs laid earlier in the season are now hatching. Resort staff and guests gather at twilight to release the hatchlings and say a silent prayer for them as they make their way down the beach and into the waves.

If you see one of these rare and beautiful creatures on the beach during your vacation, watch from a distance. Stay still and be quiet, avoid shining torches or lights in her direction and never use a flash to take pictures. Turtles are an endangered species and under Mexican law it is illegal to persecute and hunt them, steal their eggs and consume turtle products.

Here’s a short video showing the turtle release program at The Royal Sands in Cancún,México.

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  1. JoAnn Vinopal
    JoAnn Vinopal says:

    We love the turtle release and have been a part of it several times. It is a great experience to teach a respect and love for nature. We will be coming Oct 2nd for 2 weeks and will look forward to seeing several releases.

  2. Ellen
    Ellen says:

    My kids had the opportunity to participate this week with the turtle release….my daughter and granddaughter will always remember this magical experience.

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