The Day out of Time: The Royal Haciendas Celebrates Mayan Culture

The Royal Haciendas


On July 25, staff and guests at The Royal Haciendas in Playa del Carmen will join to pay homage to the Maya, one of the great ancient civilizations of the Americas. The day chosen is auspicious because according to the Tzolkin or sacred almanac of 260 days, one of the three principal calendars they used in their sophisticated system of time measurement, it is a day of transition, a zero day between the end of one cycle and the dawn of a new year. Many people refer to it as the Day out of Time. This year, celebrations take on even more significance in the lead up to December 21, 2012, when the thirteenth b’aktun or cycle in the Mayan calendar draws to a close and a new era begins.

The program of events for the day is as follows:

8 a.m. Mayan yoga session, D building, third floor terrace
11 a.m. Head for the beach and build your own Mayan temple in the sand, Phase I beach
12 noon Test your knowledge of the Maya with our trivia questions, Phase I sun deck
12 noon Mayan Craft Market, Phase II Pool Area
3 p.m. Mayan Warrior contest
4 p.m. Learning Mayan songs
6 p.m. Beach meditation
8 p.m. Mayan Dinner and Show, La Palapa del Sol


The Mayan Market
Visit the Mayan market and shop for sustainable forest products such as wood and seed jewelry, hand-carved wooden figures of animals and birds, mobiles and lamps, embroidery, tropical fruit preserves and more made by members of the Ak Kuxtal Community Alliance, which represents artisans from villages throughout the Zona Maya in central Quintana Roo.

An Evening Under the Stars
The event will draw to a close with a traditional dinner and a Mayan Show. Linger after dinner and enjoy the sounds of the waves. This is a perfect moment to reflect on the beauty and mystery of this area and the amazing achievements of the ancient Maya, the lords of time.

For more information about the program, guests at the resort can ask at the Front Desk or contact their Concierge.

More Events on the 21st of Every Month
Stay posted for additional events at The Royal Haciendas every month in the lead up to December 2012. They may include art and ceramic painting, seminars about Mayan culture, tree planting, meditation and a beach bonfire.

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