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We all have a vacation moment we love to share with friends and family, why not tell us yours?
Where do you like to go and what do you like to do during your stay at Royal Resorts? Perhaps you have a big fish story to share, a coral reef close encounter or a Mayan experience to share, whatever it is, we look forward to hearing about it.

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  1. Joe LaRose
    Joe LaRose says:

    So many stories to tell. I’ll just comment on one now. It involves the always excellent security personnel.

    One year my son, 19 at the time, was not back in our villa at 3AM. My wife was frantic. She ran down to the lobby, not knowing what to say or ask. She saw a security officer and asked if there were any problems and that her son was not home.

    He didn’t ask her name or our sons name. He just said that your son is on the beach with a girl. He knew who my wife was and who our son was, without asking names. That is subtle and exceptional security. Thank You Royal Security.


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