Mexican Culinary Experiences by Royal Resorts Festival, this September

We are paying tribute to the incredible taste of Mexico this September with the Mexican Culinary Experiences by Royal Resorts Festival, a world of flavors. Join us and try show-stopping traditional dishes from every part of this beautiful country, tasty tacos and antojitos or appetizers, signature cocktails, tequila and much more. All our restaurants are participating to take you on this tasting tour and celebration of all things Mexican. Take a look at the delicious dishes that we have lined up for you at all our resorts and restaurants with this guide to great dining moments.


Start the day with a mouthwatering Mexican Breakfast

In Cancun and at The Royal Haciendas
All our resort restaurants will be serving Mexican breakfast dishes as specials and a selection of traditional Mexican pastries.

Mexican cuisine during the week at the Royal Resorts in Cancun

The Royal Sands

Pool deck, Phase 1

Tuck into a tasty Mexican street food dish for lunch, served between 12 to 5 p.m. There’s a different one every day of the week, try one, try them all!
Monday: Machetes.
Giant quesadillas with chicken, pork or chicharón (pork rind)
Tuesday: Tacos!
It really is Taco Tuesday with Pastor-style pork, Shawarma meat and Chicken. Try them with corn or flour tortillas and plenty of salsa!
Wednesday: Ceviches & Giant fried Empanadas
Thursday: Giant quesadillas and Chicken Flautas
Friday: Grilled chicken mezcal-style and Giant donuts with ice cream
Saturday: Cochinita pibil.
A Yucatan classic. Pork marinated in achiote and Seville orange juice spice mix, wrapped in a banana leaf and slow-cooked until it melts in your mouth. Served with pickled red onion and tortillas. Order it in tacos or tortas (rolls).
Sunday: Taquiza. Pastor-style pork, beef and chicken

La Veranda

Monday: Mexican Night
Tacos, pozole, assorted Mexican appetizers, rolls, corn, esquites or stewed sweet corn kernels with lime juice, cream, cheese and chili powder and Mexican candies, served from 5:30 – 10 p.m.

Hacienda Sisal

Sunday: Mexican Sunday Brunch. A selection of tasty traditional dishes including barbacoa, pozole, chilaquiles, tacos and more, served from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Nightly Mexican Special
Monday: Chileatole Trilogy. A sampler of three corn-based broths with marrow bone, shrimp and pumpkin seeds
Tuesday: Molcajete. A volcanic stone mortar or molcajete filled with sizzling grilled chicken, pork and skirt steak, nopales (tender grilled cactus pads), cheese and spring onions, green sauce and refried beans. Plenty for two people. Make your own tacos!
Wednesday: Tlayuda. Oaxaca’s giant crispy tortilla with delicious garnishes.
Thursday: Pozole. Three varieties of this hearty Mexican soup.
Friday: Chileatole Trilogy.
Saturday: Molcajete.

Chiles en Nogada
A delicious Mexican Independence classic you won’t want to miss this month at Hacienda Sisal.

Mexican desserts
Indulge with one of Hacienda Sisal’s special September desserts with a glass of Xtabentun, the honey and anise liqueur from the Yucatán, café de olla or even hot chocolate made to the traditional Mexican recipe.

Pomegranate and tequila sorbet
Tricolor Buñuelos (sweet fritters)
Strawberry and Chocolate filled Churros

The Royal Islander

El Conquistador

El Conquistador is offering a Mexican Tasting Menu this September. This tempting special showcases five dishes from the Mexican kitchen that earned the national cuisine its place on the UNESCO World Heritage list: Pozole, Mole, Chiles en Nogada, Tamal and Enchiladas.
Sunday to Friday, 5:30 – 10 p.m., live guitar music with Jorge Durán.

Cayo Largo

Trio of Enmoladas: Duck confit in Oaxaca-style Mole, Chicken in Almond Mole sauce and Pork in Pipian Verde. Served nightly 5:30 – 10 p.m.

Captain’s Cove

Sunday Brunch with an array of Mexican dishes, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Lobster with a Mexican Twist
The Captain’s Cove menu features a number of seafood dishes cooked to traditional Mexican recipes, but this September as part of the Mexican Culinary Experiences by Royal Resorts Festival, the chef is offering his interpretation of the classic Chiles en Nogada. Be sure to order it! Chiles en Nogada with Lobster stuffing, lime and xtabentun liqueur confit
Daily, 5 – 11 p.m.

The Royal Cancun

La Palapa

Friday: Mexican Night. Traditional dishes and music at the beachfront restaurant La Palapa, 5:30 – 10 p.m.

Chiles en Nogada are served nightly at La Palapa during September.

La Trattoria

Enjoy the perfect pairing of Italian and Mexican flavors this month with two chef’s specials inspired by Chiles en Nogada: Cannelloni en Nogada and Lasagna en Nogada.


Try more Mexican dishes by the pool for lunch.

Monday: Chamorros. Pork hocks marinated in adobo spice mix and slow-cooked in a stone oven, served with all the traditional garnishes, salsa and tortillas.

Wednesday: Tacos de cazuela. Make your own tacos with a selection of tasty stewed fillings cooked in clay casserole dishes.

Friday: Carnitas. Flavorful fried pork served in soft tacos, crispy tacos, rolls, chilaquiles, codzitos and burritos.

Independence Night, September 15

Gran Fiesta Mexicana at Hacienda Sisal
Join us for a Mexican fiesta at Hacienda Sisal with more traditional food, tequila and mezcal, plenty of music and a mariachi serenade.

Riviera Maya

The Royal Haciendas

The celebration of Mexican cuisine and culture continues at our Riviera Maya resort with more special events as part of the Mexican Culinary Experiences by Royal Resorts Festival.

La Palapa del Sol

Saturday: Mexican Night. Enjoy a delicious spread of Mexican dishes including tamales, chicken in mole sauce, cochinita pibil, Mexican antojitos or appetizers, quesadillas to order, Mexican desserts and much more.

Chiles en Nogada
You’ll be able to dine on Chiles en Nogada every night at La Palapa del Sol and Los Murales, 5:30 – 10 p.m.

Sol & Luna Grills

More mouthwatering Mexican food to enjoy poolside during the week. Luna Grill 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.; Sol Grill 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Monday: Tacos. Beef, chicken and pastor-style marinated pork.

Tuesday: Flautas & Quesadillas made with blue corn tortillas. Choice of chicken, beef, potato and pork fillings.

Wednesday: Pozole. Choice of red, green and white pork and corn broth with all the traditional toppings.

Thursday: Enchiladas. Try the traditional recipes from three states: Poblanas, Michoacanas and Potosinas.

Friday: Gorditas. A tasty Mexican snack made from thicker tortillas with your choice of filling: chicharron or pork rind, potato, chorizo or beans, topped with cheese and salsa.

Saturday: Mole. Showcasing three different recipes for mole sauce, Poblano, Rojo and Negro.

Sunday: Machetes. Giant quesadillas with a choice of fillings.

Independence Night, September 15

We’ll be celebrating Independence Night Riviera Maya-style at The Royal Haciendas.

Wherever you are staying this month, don’t miss this chance to try delicious Mexican cuisine as part of the Mexican Culinary Experiences by Royal Resorts Festival. Order a Mexican beer or wine, a margarita or a tequila or mezcal-based cocktail created by our talented bartenders. If you would like to try more brands of tequila, ask the waiters for recommendations.

Buen provecho!

The festival program is subject to change without prior notice.




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