Beach Thursday | Week 7 2013

It’s a great day in paradise! Weeks are flying away and we’re almost at march, we’re so excited to receive your pictures on instagram with the #royalresorts tag. The best part of it is you can make the picture and post it right away in real time!

Remember also you can tag your #RoyalResorts photos on Flickr and join the groupboard we made for you on our pinterest.

[flickr count=”14″ id=”76928392@N00″ display=”random” type=”group”]
And lat but not least: check this beautiful picture shared by Liza Hilliard on our Facebook page:
Shared by Liza Hilliard on Facebook

Do you have any picture you’d like to share but don’t have an account on those services? No problem! Send it through email to and we’ll post it 😀

See you soon on next beach thursday and ASAP here: at your home away from home.

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