Grand Residences All Grand Luxury Resort in Puerto Morelos

Grand Residences

During your next vacation why not schedule a visit to the full-size Grand Residences model villa at The Royal Sands® and discover a new concept of gracious living and barefoot luxury.

The location for Grand Residences is a pristine beach to the south of Puerto Morelos that is within walking distance from this much-loved waterfront fishing community.

Puerto Morelos hosted a Music Festival in January, a national swimming event in February and is preparing for its very popular annual fishing tournament in May.

In other local news, a new subterranean high-tension electricity line is being laid from the Puerto Morelos substation to a new substation that will serve El Cid and Grand Residences.

Once excavation work is completed, the municipal government will pave the path from Puerto Morelos to Highway 307, thus creating a safe space for walking, running and cycling.

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