A Celebration of Mayan Culture at The Royal Haciendas

On the twenty-first of every month in 2012, The Royal Haciendas will be paying homage to the Mayan culture with special events which will help us understand more about the accomplishments of this extraordinary people in art, architecture, astronomy, science and the measurement of time. The date selected is a reference to December 21, 2012, the day that one b’aktun or cycle in the ancient calendar draws to a close and a new one begins on December 23.

The event features a beach bonfire with synthetic fire to protect the environment. During this symbolic event, guests and staff will be asked to draw inspiration from such a beautiful setting and spend a moment in quiet reflection. They will then write down their thoughts and prayers for the future and place them in a chest.

On April 21, an exhibition of Mayan art was held and additional events also took place to commemorate Earth Day, which was on April 22.

The March 21 event coincided with the spring Equinox and the return of the famous serpent of light and shadow that slithers down the Pyramid of Kukulcan at sunset in Chichen Itza. Guests were able to try their hand at painting the Mayan calendar and ceramics in two separate craft workshops. The proceeds from the Mayan ceramics workship were donated to the Royal Resorts Foundation.

On February 21, the Ak Kuxtal Community Alliance, which represents artisans from villages throughout the Zona Maya in central Quintana Roo, was invited to participate in the event. Guests were able to meet some of the craftsmen and purchase hand-carved wooden jewelry, animal figures, embroidery, tropical fruit preserves and other products they make using sustainable techniques.

Other activities scheduled to take place on the twenty-first of the month include a Mayan market in May and a Mayan treasure hunt in June. Additional events will be announced.

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