2020 Turtle Nesting Season News

The Royal Resorts security guards have been watching out for sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs and they have had a busy month. Every night they have been rewarded by turtle sightings along the Cancun shoreline and clutches of precious eggs to carefully move to the nurseries at The Royal Sands, The Royal Islander and in front of Royal Uno.

The Royal Resorts 2020 turtle nesting season news is of 270 nests and 31,951 eggs (July 16) protected to date. The majority of the nests are of green turtles but there are also four hawksbill nests and nine loggerhead nests, which is an encouraging sign because both rarely nest on Cancun beaches.

At this time last year there were 149 nests and around 12,000 eggs so we hope that the season continues at this pace. The final tally for 2019 was 927 nests and 96,400 baby turtles released at The Royal Sands, The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander in Cancun.

Royal Resorts has been protecting sea turtles since 1985. Official record keeping began in 1998 and to date we have protected 9,283 nests and released 877,168 baby turtles (including the 2020 nests).

Our dedicated turtle guardians are watching over the nests alert to the first sign of disturbed sand and the emergence of a tiny head that would herald the hatching of the first babies of the season. They have also reported sightings of adult turtles offshore during the day.

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