Unlock more of the secrets of the past by visiting Mayapan, the last capital of the Maya on the Yucatán Peninsula. Located 30 miles south of Mérida, this site was founded around A.D. 1250 during the post-Classic period of Mayan civilization and abandoned in 1450. Several of Mayapan’s most important buildings show certain similarities to those at Chichén Itzá, leading archaeologists to speculate that it was settled by Maya from Chichén, which was abandoned around 1250.

Getting to Mayapán
Mayapán is located 30 miles south of Mérida; take the turn off to the site from Highway 18. Thomas More Travel offers a trip to Mayapán and the village of Cuzama for a glimpse of henequen history and a visit to three crystal-clear cenotes.