The Royal Resorts Foundation supports cancer prevention through a screening program to ensure that women get the mammograms they need. In 2019, 161 employees at Royal Resorts and Grand Residences were the beneficiaries of this health initiative.

Our campaign against cancer

One in 11 women in Cancun will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives and 10 women die from breast cancer in Mexico every day. The state of Quintana Roo has one of the highest levels of cervical-uterine cancer in the country and rates of other types of cancer are also rising. Being diagnosed with this terrible disease is devastating but how much more so when you have no one to turn to and no money to pay for the life-saving treatment you so desperately need?

The Royal Resorts Foundation helps fund cancer screening and vital medical studies and treatments for patients who cannot afford to pay for them. 

Physiotherapy for children

The Royal Resorts Foundation covers the costs of physiotherapy at the Cancun CRIT Rehabilitation Center for six children with motor, bone and neuromuscular diseases.

Healthy lifestyle

The Royal Resorts Foundation promotes a healthy lifestyle and the importance of exercise. It provides support to Tri Balam, a team of Royal Resorts employees to train and participate in triathlons.

Our goal

To raise US$30,000 for health

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