Cancun Videos – Week 33, 2012 at The Royal Caribbean, The Royal Mayan & The Royal Islander

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  1. Brian D
    Brian D says:

    Hello Juan. My question is why I will be charged to move from one resort to another? Our first week will be spent at the Royal Haciendas, then moving to the Royal Caribbean for the next week. I was told that a shuttle charge of $25 per person is required to move to the Caribbean. I am not charged to move from villa to villa so why isn’t the shuttle service complementary? After all, member fees pay for the shuttles and staff.

    • Joanna Green
      Joanna Green says:

      Dear Brian:
      Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News.
      The Saturday shuttle service for members who change resorts mid-stay, from The Royal Haciendas to the Royal Resorts in Cancun such as The Royal Caribbean or vice versa is operated by Thomas More Travel, the in-house travel agency and there is a charge of US$25 per person. It is not a service offered by Royal Resorts.
      In contrast, the shuttle service between the four resorts in Cancun and the evening shuttle service from The Royal Haciendas to Playa del Carmen are services offered by Royal Resorts and they are paid for by the annual club service fee.
      I hope that this helps answer your question. I have also forwarded your comment to Resort Management and if I receive additional information I will post it here.


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