How to make a banana monkey at home?

We know how much you enjoy having Vacation Size Banana Monkey during your stay and it has been brought to our attention you're looking for it on the internet. Look no further! We’re sharing with you step by step recipes on how to make them…

Favorite Royal Resorts Cocktails #5: Mojito

We conducted a poll because we wanted to know which on was your favorite drink and we did it! We decided to give you the recipes of your top 5 favorite cocktails from Royal Resorts and here's the first one: your #5 favorite cocktail from Royal Resorts, straight from Cuba: Mojito!

Cool Cocktails

We asked the Royal Resorts barmen to give us the recipes for some of the all-time favorite cocktails round the pools and they were happy to oblige. Salud!

Royal Recipes: Guacamole

Prepared tableside at La Veranda and Hacienda Sisal restaurants. The quantities listed here are given per person and if you plan to prepare this for several people you will need to increase them. Ingredients: 1 ½ avocados per person 1 tbsp.…