Using Falcons as Scarecrows at The Royal Haciendas

You’ve all watched the noisy black birds that boldly strut around the pool area and squabble among themselves as they steal food from plates waiting to be removed from restaurant terraces. Known as great grackles (zanate in Spanish or pich in Maya), these gregarious birds are so abundant that they have become pests in many resorts, including Royal Resorts. Any number of scarecrows have been tried in the past, including life-size model owls, but the birds keep coming back. Not any more. At The Royal Haciendas falconry is being used to scare the birds away.

No Pets Please

In recent months there have been several incidents involving members and guests who have registered their pets as emotional support or anxiety control animals. Please be advised that Royal Resorts does not accept pets under any circumstances unless they are medically certified service animals (i.e. guide dogs or animals specifically trained to aid a disabled person). The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) definition of “service animals” is used.
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10 Mexican Caribbean Travel Experiences for 2017

Traveling to the Mexican Caribbean this year for a Cancun family vacation at Royal Resorts? Try something new during your 2017 trip. The Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan offer a wealth of amazing places to visit and the opportunity to create unforgettable travel experiences. Where would you like to go and what would you like to do? Thomas More Travel is your guide to the area and here are 10 great trip ideas to whet your appetite for wanderlust.

Local News

Cancun International Airport welcomed passenger number 21 million on December 26, the second record broken in a month. Passenger numbers have more than doubled in the last 10 years and Cancun is now Mexico’s leading airport in terms of international passengers. With the completion of Terminal 4 in 2020, the airport will have the capacity to handle up to 32 million travelers. Expansion projects in Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 have been completed and the first phase of Terminal 4 will open in 2018.

Upcoming Events

On January 6, inhabitants of Merida, state capital of Yucatan observe the anniversary of the founding of the city in 1542 by Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo. Observed with a procession and mass, it marks the start of the month-long Merida Fest, a gala event featuring concerts, dance performances, art exhibits and more.