Tequila: Mexico’s National Drink

Mexico’s national drink is 1 of the world’s top 3 selling liquors, with 600 brands, its own club of connoisseurs and an ever-increasing number of converts.

Some like it Hot, Mexican Chilies

“Con picante or sin picante,” spicy or non-spicy, that is the culinary question here in Mexico. Staples in the national diet along with corn, beans and squash, chilies are everywhere. You’ll see them chopped up with tomato, onion and coriander…
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Happy Birthday Merida

On January 6, the gracious capital of the state of Yucatan is 469 years old! It is celebrating the anniversary of its foundation by Spanish conquistador Francisco de Montejo y León the Younger in 1542 amidst the deserted ruins of a much earlier…

Epiphany in Mexico, the Day of the Three Kings

For Christians in many parts of the world, January 6, Epiphany or Three Kings Day has a special meaning and Mexico is no exception, it is marked by processions, masses and a joyous fiesta that brings families together. As this important festival…

The Royal Resorts presents: This is Mexico! – Coffee

The Royal Resorts proudly present This is Mexico! a series of short videos showcasing the best that Mexico has to offer to the world. In this episode we talk about Coffee, one of the most exported products of Mexico. Harvested mainly in the…