Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Chaac, the Mayan Rain God

Chaac, the Mayan rain god, was especially revered in ancient times. Learn more about his history.
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Chicle, Mayan Chewing Gum

As you reach for another stick of chewing gum, have you ever wondered about its origin? Well, you may not be aware that this universal product originated right here in the Maya World. Yes, that’s right, the white sap of the chicozapote tree…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Discover Cobá

Forty-two kilometers inland from Tulum, Cobá is one of the Maya World’s largest archaeological sites and has an extension of around 70 square kilometers. The city is clustered around five shallow lakes, which would have provided fresh water…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Sacred Mayan Crossing

Accompanied by the sound of conch shells, drums and the chants of Mayan priests and with the scent of copal incense in the air, more than 300 oarsmen boarded their wooden canoes in the caleta or creek at Xcaret at dawn this morning (May 20)…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum
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The Xtabay, Legendary Mayan Temptress

One of the most intriguing characters in Mayan folklore is the Xtabay, a lovely temptress who ensnares men and leads them to their doom, a prostitute with the proverbial heart of gold or the vengeful spirit of a cold-hearted woman, depending…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum
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Fall Equinox at Chichén Itzá

The ancient Mayan capital of Chichén Itzá casts its spell whenever you visit it but on the day of the fall Equinox, the Pyramid of Kukulcán in the Great Plaza becomes a stairway to heaven and an ancient god returns to earth. Also known…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Mayan Majesty

Journey through time and explore the Mayan treasures of the Yucatán, mysterious ruined cities that are the legacy of one of the most advanced civilizations ever to flourish in the Americas. Temple builders, intrepid seafarers, gifted artists,…