Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Way down South, Muyil & Bacalar

If you enjoy exploring the Mexican Caribbean beautiful area and going off the beaten track, Thomas More Travel has a tour that will take you to two of Quintana Roo’s most magical spots – the ancient Mayan city of Muyil and Bacalar, the Lagoon…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Handicrafts: a Journey through Mexico

The shimmer of silver, a wooden jaguar ready to pounce, a procession of stately ladies bound for market bearing fruit and flowers on their heads, skeleton mariachis, rainbow weavings, fantastic figurines and intricate trees of life. This is…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum

Chicle, Mayan Chewing Gum

As you reach for another stick of chewing gum, have you ever wondered about its origin? Well, you may not be aware that this universal product originated right here in the Maya World. Yes, that’s right, the white sap of the chicozapote tree…
Chicle, Mayan chewing gum
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Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate Mexican culture, music and dance and say Viva Mexico with a glass of tequila, it’s Cinco de Mayo! Commemorating a famous Mexican victory over the invading French army at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, Cinco de Mayo is observed…