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Changing lives: a mother’s message to the Royal Resorts Foundation

Many of you give generously to the Royal Resorts Foundation to help those in need and we wanted to share this message from Elena M, a Royal Resorts employee whose son is one of the many that you have helped. Together we are changing lives.

Elena’s son, Mauricio was diagnosed with spina bifida when he was born and had surgery as a baby. Nevertheless, he has grown up coping with the pain and discomfort caused by several health issues that are the result of damage to his spinal cord. In 2017, in Pasadena, California, he had life-changing surgery to enlarge his bladder and insert an artificial sphincter.

The cost of the operation was covered by Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Los Angeles. The Royal Resorts Foundation paid for travel and lodging for Mauricio and his parents before and after the operation, during the recovery period and on subsequent visits for check ups. Two years later, his health has improved dramatically. This is what Elena has to say:

“I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help that the Royal Resorts Foundation has given my son Mauricio. Two years after his surgery, the doctors in Pasadena have finally declared him fit.

“I thank God and all of you for your support for the Royal Resorts Foundation. You have changed Mauricio’s life and given him a great future. You have no idea what it means to our family.

 “Mauricio was diagnosed with spina bifida as a baby. The response of the doctors in the Mexican Social Security hospital after his surgery was that I should thank God that he could walk at all because the majority of children with his condition never can or only with braces, crutches or walkers. As his mother that was never enough for me and I have always done whatever I can to improve his quality of life. I have met wonderful people along the way who have offered a helping hand and it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of Royal Resorts. My boss always gave me the time off I needed to take Mauricio to physiotherapy, the surgery and then the check-ups, and through the Royal Resorts Foundation I received financial aid from the Employee Emergency Relief Fund, which helps staff in times of need.

“My son is 20 now and the surgery in Pasadena has given him the chance to lead a normal life, like any other young person of his age. I hope that with further care and treatment his health will continue to improve.

“Once again, “gracias,” a heartfelt thank-you, for donating to the Royal Resorts Foundation and for helping to transform the lives of people like Mauricio. Your help makes all the difference.”

Changing lives, how can you help?
Royal Resorts is a pioneer company in Cancun and through the Royal Resorts Foundation it provides scholarships for children and college students, financial help for cancer screening and treatment, physiotherapy for children with physical and neurological challenges and emergency relief for employees in times of serious illness. It also gives to community initiatives and conservation projects in the state of Quintana Roo. With the support of Royal Resorts members, guests and staff together we are changing lives. Join us now. Visit the Royal Resorts Foundation website to donate online.

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