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Royal Resorts protecting the environment

At Royal Resorts we are always looking for ways to reduce our environmental footprint and protect the planet. This time it is the turn of the resort restaurants and bars. They have gone one step further from supporting the no straws campaign and have switched from the plastic cutlery and glasses used for beach service to disposable biodegradable knives, forks and glasses made from avocado seeds.

In 2017, Royal Resorts joined the worldwide “say no to straws” campaign and has cut down on the use of plastic straws in its restaurants and bars. However, for guests who need a straw there are now straws made from the same avocado-based biodegradable material available on request from the waiter.

There will be specially labeled bins for guests to dispose of their used glasses.

At the pool bars, drinks are already served in reusable eco-friendly glasses. The next step is to reduce the use of plastic bags and containers, substituting them for biodegradable alternatives.

Cloth napkins have also replaced paper serviettes used for breakfast and lunch service in the resort restaurants.

In the resort kitchens used cooking oil is being recycled and sold to a company to generate bio-fuel.

Supporting conservation

If you would like to help protect the environment, a special eco-friendly souvenir thermos-style glass is available for purchase at the Royal Resorts Activity Centers. All proceeds go to the Royal Resorts Foundation’s conservation causes.


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