Cream of Chili Poblano Soup

This mouthwatering soup is popular with diners at La Veranda, the restaurant at The Royal Sands.

2 ¼ oz bar of butter

7 oz of chopped white onion

2 oz of chopped garlic

¼ tsp of thyme

2 bay leaves

9 ½ oz of sliced chili poblano

2 ¼ oz flour

2 ½ cups of chicken broth

1l of skimmed milk

1 oz chicken stock powder

3 ½ oz evaporated milk

1 tsp salt

Clean the chilies, chop and remove the seeds before rinsing the slices in hot water. Fry the onion, garlic and herbs lightly in the butter, stirring constantly. When the onion begins to turn transparent, add the chili slices. Sift in the flour and keep stirring while you add the chicken broth. Once the chili is soft, blend the mixture and add the skimmed milk. Strain and add the chicken stock powder and salt according to taste. Finally, add the evaporated milk and remove from the heat.

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  1. Reagan Beene
    Reagan Beene says:

    Cream of Chili Poblano Soup Recipe

    Please check the amount of garlic. (way too strong)

    Skim milk 2 litres?

    • jgreen
      jgreen says:

      Dear Reagan: Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News. I am double checking the recipe which was supplied by our chefs. As they are used to making the soup in very large quantities this may account for the amount of garlic specified. We will make the correction and apologize for the error.


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