Welcome Back Whale Sharks

It’s whale shark season and local biologists and fishermen are now reporting sightings of a hundred or more of these beautiful creatures as they feed on the plankton that blooms in the warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean during the summer.
One of the great ocean travelers, the whale shark spends the year migrating between feeding grounds and mating areas in different parts of the world including Australia, Fiji, South Africa, India, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and Brazil. From May to mid-September it converges on feeding grounds in the stretch of ocean between Isla Holbox and Cabo Catoche and in deeper waters to the east of Contoy and Isla Mujeres.
Would you like to swim with the largest fish in the world, known locally as pez domino on account of its beautiful mottled skin? It is a once in a lifetime experience and during the day you’ll learn about this mysterious fish and some of the ongoing scientific research into whale shark behavior and migration. Thomas More Travel offers eco tours to the whale shark feeding grounds from May to mid-September, contact the tour desk at your resort for more information or email: tourdesk@royalresorts.com for reservations.

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