Volunteers give classes at the Red Cross Community Center

Students at the Universidad del Caribe, a university on the outskirts of Cancún, recently carried out part of their professional training by participating in a social program called Mejora tu Entorno (Improve your Environment) in the Red Cross Community Center in Downtown Cancún.

The goal of the staff at the Community Center is to expand this program and with the help of students who volunteer their time they are able to give free summer school classes to children and workshops for poor families.

However, as with any such project, the Community Center needs money and resources in order to continue giving courses and workshops.  And they turned to the Royal Resorts Foundation and other associations for help, both for donations of material and also for volunteers.

The Housekeeping department donated sheets, bedspreads and mats that generated $17,530.00 pesos for the program.

Members of the Mejora Tu Entorno team said, “the donations we received will help many people on a very low income and they also give us a boost and encourage us to continue working for such a good cause.”

You can support the Royal Resorts Foundation Education cause. Make a donation today online or join our fundraising campaign and activities during your stay at Royal Resorts.

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