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Use of the chairs and sunbeds, pilot project at The Royal Sands

We want all our members and guests to enjoy their time on the beach and by the pool. However, at peak times during the year when demand for sun beds is at its highest, there are cases of people reserving several at a time by leaving towels and possessions on them, sometimes for hours. Reserving chairs and sun beds is not permitted. It may lead to incidents when other guests wish to use them or security guards move items and it is a source of annoyance for many.

It happens more often at The Royal Sands and in order to provide a solution, in week 50, we will be implementing a new procedure at the resort to ensure that everyone has access to the sun beds and chairs.

When they check in, members and guests will receive a tag to use during their vacation for sun beds and chairs. One tag will be issued per person in the villa. If they are going to step away from their sun bed or chair for a moment, they use the tag to reserve their spot for 60 minutes. If necessary, security guards may remove belongings from chairs and sun beds once the 60 minutes is up or if no tag is visible. Belongings can be collected later with the security staff.

This is a pilot project at The Royal Sands and may be implemented in other resorts at a later date.

We would ask all members and guests to abide by the rules and refrain from reserving chairs and sun beds if they are not going to use them.

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