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Supporting education, Mano Amiga students begin a new term


On August 24, Colegio Mano Amiga at the Ciudad de la Alegria community center on the outskirts of Cancun opened its doors after the summer recess. A total of 950 students began their studies again, eager to learn and to excel, setting their own goals and improving every day.

Children’s education is one of the Royal Resorts Foundation’s key causesand it recently made a donation of $31, 435 US to provide scholarships for an entire classroom of students from poor and disadvantaged households in Cancun. This will enable them to continue their education in a safe and happy environment, something that may have proved impossible for many of them otherwise, given the precariousness of their backgrounds.

With your generous support the Royal Resorts Foundation is helping to transform lives and give these young people a future filled with hope and opportunities. Education can transform society and break the circle of poverty and they are also learning that they must lend a helping hand to those less fortunate than themselves.

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