Royal Resorts in the United Kingdom

Following up on the success of the Royal Resorts in your Neighborhood tour of major cities in the United States and Mexico, Royal Resorts recently organized a trip to the United Kingdom to meet with British members, their family and friends.
The Stoke Park Hotel in Stoke Poges near Windsor was the perfect country house setting for a summer luncheon, complete with mariachis, on June 13. Around 40 Royal Resorts members and family joined Marketing and Sales Director Mark Carney O.B.E. and other company representatives for a very enjoyable afternoon and the latest news from their Mexican home.

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  1. Kathy Wood
    Kathy Wood says:

    As a member for such a long long time, I am very disappointed in the Royal Resorts! They have visited so many cities in the US, but have forgotten us here in Michigan. We deserve a visit too!

    • jgreen
      jgreen says:

      Dear Kathy: Thank you for writing to Royal Resorts News and for your interest in Royal Resorts in your Neighborhood. We would love to visit you, however, I regret to inform you that there are no plans for a Royal Resorts US tour this year. I have forwarded your comments to the organizers so that they take Michigan into account for any future road trip. I hope that this helps, I also look forward to meeting you during your next visit to your Mexican Caribbean home. Please drop me a line and let me know when that will be.

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