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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]More and more members are signing up for the Royal Resorts Signature Club, the groundbreaking program that was launched in May 2013 to give you additional benefits to enjoy during your vacation and when you return home.

The Signature Club has four key components:

Signature Flexibility

This gives members the best of both worlds: the guarantee of a fixed week and unit and the flexibility of Points. They have the option to choose each year whether they want to stay in their unit during the fixed week they own as they have always done in the past or deposit their week in the Signature Flexibility program in exchange for an allotment of Points. Signature Points can be used in a variety of ways, for example to stay at a different time of year, extend a vacation or change the size or location of units.
Members may decide to bank their Signature Points to use at a later date or borrow them from next year. They can also be converted into RCI Points for international exchange purposes.
Signature Flexibility is exclusively for Signature Club Platinum members. There are no service charges for using the Signature Flexibility program. To date we have received more than 1,100 deposits from Platinum members in Signature Flexibility and have confirmed more than 400 reservations.

The Signature Lifestyle Collection

An exclusive online shopping portal that members can use to take care of all their travel and leisure needs. Options range from booking a cruise, flights* or hotels and purchasing golf, ski, spa or vacation packages to shopping for designer merchandise, wines and electronics. Members can rent a car, reserve preferential tee times at more than 3,000 golf courses in the United States, book spa time, theater tickets, concerts and much more.
There are thousands of products and services to choose from, including 20,000 different cruise sailings and 50,000 hotels worldwide, and they have a Best Value Guarantee.
Qualifying purchases also generate Signature Cash Back that may be used to offset the cost of the annual Club Service Fees, pay for purchases at Royal Resorts or to carry on shopping through the portal.
Members are discovering that the more they use the Signature Lifestyle Collection portal, the more Signature Cash Back they earn! To date, Signature Club members have received on average US$85 cash back per transaction or 19 percent of the total price paid. Some members have earned Cash back equivalent to up to 76 percent of the purchase price on certain items and services.

* Flights and car rentals do not offer cash back

Signature Exchange

When members join the Royal Resorts Signature Club they receive a membership to RCI, the world’s largest vacation exchange network comprising nearly 4,500 hotels, resorts and vacation homes in 100 countries.
They can trade their Royal Resorts vacation week through RCI to stay at another resort of their choice in cities and leading beach, ski and golf destinations around the world.
To date, Signature Club members have made more than 3,000 deposits in the RCI network and successfully booked more than 2,500 exchanges.

Resort & Destination Benefits

Royal Resorts Signature Club membership also includes additional vacation pampering, including a certificate for a yacht trip, a complimentary drink or dessert, and priority restaurant reservations among others.

How to enroll

On your next trip to Royal Resorts be sure to schedule a meeting with a Royal Resorts Signature Club representative if you haven’t already done so. Discover the many benefits that this exclusive program offers you and your family. Find out how it can help you pay your Club Service Fee, travel to exciting new destinations and give flexibility to meet changing vacation needs.
Four Signature Club memberships are available – Platinum, Gold and Silver for Royal Resorts members and President’s Circle exclusively for Grand Residences owners. Each one offers a range of benefits and cash back opportunities. Choose the one that suits you or try out the program with the complimentary Silver membership.

Click here to make a Signature Club appointment.

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Look at what members are saying:

rrsc-coments“The Signature Club expands the horizon for each and every one of us and you will be absolutely elated by how this program is going to work so well for you and give you so many options.”
Tim R.

“I think the Signature Club is tailor-made for me and for many members once they learn how it works…It allows me to be flexible which I love and the folks running it are so helpful.”
Dolores S.

“Earning rewards every time you play golf is a great plus for us golfers! Staff on the phone was very friendly and accommodating.”
George S.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]