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They say that all you need is love and that love makes the world go round and we couldn’t agree more. This Valentine’s Day, the Royal Resorts Foundation was able to spread a little love and happiness in Cancún during a visit to a local Old Folks Home.

Spreading Happiness – Valentine’s Day from Royal Resorts® on Vimeo.

In Mexico, February 14 is the day of love… and of friendship. It isn’t just about celebrating romantic love but also about reaching out to friends and telling them how much they mean to you. With this in mind, a group of volunteers from the resorts – employees and members – visited the Old Folks Home in the Ciudad de la Alegría Community Center on the outskirts of town to give flowers to the residents and spend some time with them.

The Ciudad de la Alegría or City of Joy helps the poorest and most vulnerable members of the community, young or old, terminally ill or hungry. The residents of the Old Folks Home may not have a family support network to take care of them and lack the resources to fend for themselves. Many are completely alone, having lost their spouses, and others are very frail. A visit is a welcome surprise and they love having callers to pass the time of day with. A gift of flowers, hugs and smiles and a friendly chat made their Valentine’s Day a happier one.

We look forward to visiting with our friends at the Ciudad de la Alegría in the future.

Our thanks go out to our Royal Resorts Foundation volunteers and for everyone who helped make our second Spreading Happiness event possible.

Join the Spreading Happiness Campaign

The Royal Resorts Foundation is planning additional Spreading Happiness activities in 2014 and the next one will take place on April 30, Children’s Day. If you would like to donate or to participate please visit www.royalresortsfoundation.org

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