lapis fine jewelry cancun riviera maya

Even the most marvelous treasures have simple beginnings.

In 1974, Lapis Jewelry was a tiny family-owned workshop and store. Through a combination of creativity, quality and vision, it has transformed over the years and is now a highly acclaimed

company with a growing presence in Mexico, and showrooms in Cancún and Playacar and Puerto Aventuras in the Riviera Maya.

The Lapis collection is magnificent and features flawless diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and semi-precious stones such as topaz and amethysts, all set off to perfection in gold, platinum and silver. Prized for their beauty, blue and

yellow diamonds are a hot fashion item and a popular purchase.

Visitors to the Lapis showrooms can also watch master jewelers create works of art in a fascinating demonstration of an ancient craft.

The Lapis hallmark is excellence, the finest gems are carefully selected and worked to perfection, and the company prides itself on exceptional customer service. Each piece of jewelry purchased by shoppers comes with a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime guarantee.

Lapis craftsmen will also work their magic on old, tarnished or damaged jewelry owned by customers, cleaning and polishing it until it sparkles. Convenient restoration services offered include jewelry repairs, replacing lost or cracked stones and sizing.

A tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail has won Lapis great prestige and it is one of the leading companies in the world of fine jewelry.