Ferry Accident in Playa del Carmen

Eighteen people were injured on Wednesday afternoon, February 21 after an explosion on board a ferry at the Playa del Carmen ferry terminal.

Passengers were departing the Barcos del Caribe ferry from Cozumel when the explosion occurred. Emergency service responders and police were quickly on the scene and took control of the incident. The injured passengers, 15 Mexicans and three Canadian tourists –were taken to the Costamed clinic for treatment. The authorities subsequently announced that none of the injuries were serious. However, one person is still in hospital under observation for facial burns.

Representatives of the Quintana Roo Tourism Board and the Playa del Carmen municipal government are assisting the injured passengers and their families.

Ferry service to Cozumel quickly resumed and the terminal is operating normally.

An investigation is underway. Preliminary reports indicated that a mechanical fault in the engine room may have caused the explosion.

[Source: Novedades, El Universal]
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