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Here’s another turtle update from Royal Resorts. As of July 15, the tally of nests being protected at our Cancun resorts stands at 410, with 49,902 eggs.
There are 230 nests in The Royal Caribbean corral, all tagged as green turtle nests, with the exception of two loggerheads and a lone hawksbill nest. At The Royal Sands, there are 180 nests, all green turtles, with the exception of two hawksbill nests and a loggerhead nest. One nest has 171 eggs, way above the average!

The turtles seem to have been particularly active in the last few days. On July 11, 34 turtles came ashore to lay their eggs, 17 at The Royal Sands and 17 in front of The Royal Mayan, The Royal Caribbean and The Royal Islander. On July 14, 12 more turtles emerged from the sea on the beach in front of the three resorts.

Please remember that if you see an adult turtle come ashore at night, you must follow the turtle rules. Notify resort security personnel immediately. Keep quiet and watch from a distance as the turtle digs her nest and starts laying her eggs. Do not attempt to touch her or disturb her in any way and please do not take photos using flash.

The first babies of the season usually make their appearance at the end of July and of course we will let you know when this happens.

We hope that our turtle summer will be even more remarkable than last year’s record-breaking season.  Looking back at the statistics for July 10, 2012, there were 75 nests at The Royal Sands and 101 at The Royal Caribbean.

Elsewhere in the Mexican Caribbean, we are happy to report that the first 70 baby turtles of the season in Puerto Morelos were released late last week. Isla Mujeres is also reporting that the number of nests registered on island beaches to date has doubled this year.

Additional updates will be published during the summer on this blog and The Official Royal Resorts Facebook page.

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