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2020 Turtle Season at Royal Resorts

The 2020 turtle season is entering its final phase with only a few eggs still left to hatch. The number of nests in the three corrals at Royal Resorts this season is 814. To date, Security guards have released 65,682 baby turtles and they are ever vigilant, keeping an eye on the remaining nests for telltale signs of hatching and also on weather conditions to keep the precious eggs and baby turtles safe.

In October, as Hurricane Delta drew near, our dedicated security guards and volunteers from the gardening department helped move the nests to safety to protect them from the fury of wind and waves and the storm surge. The guards carefully dug up the eggs moving them to individual coolers filled with sand and marked with the species, date of laying and number of eggs. The gardeners then helped carry the coolers to a storeroom where they remained until danger had passed.

Since 1998, records show that Royal Resorts has protected 9,825 nests and released 912,780 hatchlings. A labor of love, turtle conservation began in 1985 at The Royal Mayan, the first of the Royal Resorts on the open-ocean side of Cancun Island. Just imagine how many more baby turtles were released at the resorts in the years leading up to 1998.

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