100 Reasons to Love Mexico

Part 1 of five installments

With its

beautiful beaches, breathtakingly diverse landscapes, wildlife, 4,000 years of history, rich traditions and friendly people, Mexico is a country you soon fall in love with. Each place you visit casts its spell and listing 100 reasons to love this huge country isn’t as hard as it might appear at first, there is so much to admire and reflect upon.


So in the wake of Mexico’s Independence celebrations, here is our list and we are still counting! They aren’t in any particular order and were listed as the inspiration took us. All those who live or travel here regularly have their own favorites and we are constantly adding to our list as we discover new places.

So, here goes, this is our first installment:

1. For its people, their friendliness and hospitality knows no bounds; the saying “mi casa es su casa,” (my home is your home) is heard everywhere.

Welcome Home - Mexico

2. For its 9,000 kilometers of spectacular shoreline bathed by four seas: the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortés and the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Because every day somewhere in the country a village is celebrating a colorful and joyous fiesta in honor of its patron saint.

4. For its archaeological sites, approximately 38,000 discovered to date scattered the length and breadth of the country.

5. For the magnificent legacy of its ancient cultures: the Maya, Aztecs, Zapotecs, Mixtecs, Purepechas, Huastecs, Totonacas, Toltecs and Olmecs, among others, not just for their cities, but also their art, jewelry, stone carvings and knowledge.

6. For the extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites the country possesses, the largest number in the Americas.

Chichen Itza, Mexico

7. For the Copper Canyon in Chihuahua, one of the natural wonders of the world, larger and deeper than the Grand Canyon.

8. For the beauty of its volcanoes: Orizaba, Popocatepetl, Ixtaccihuatl, Nevado de Toluca, Nevado de Colima, Tacaná and others.

9. For the Mesoamerican Reef that flanks the Caribbean coast of Quintana Roo and is part of the second longest coral reef system in the world.

10. The endless mountain landscapes of the Sierra Madre, the backbone of the country, and of the highland ranges that run through the south of the country and in Veracruz.

11. For its wildlife, Mexico is one of the most biological diverse countries on the planet, home to 1,041 bird species, 439 mammals, 989 amphibians and reptiles, in each case, about 10% of the world’s species, on just 1.4% of its territory.

Royal Resorts Cares - Jaguar Path

The magnificent Jaguar

12. 26,000 varieties of plants have been identified in the tropical jungles, cloud forests, wetlands and deserts that clothe the landscape.

13. The chain of over 64 national parks and 23 biosphere reserves (and counting)

scattered throughout the country to protect its natural heritage.

14. For the Monarch Butterfly sanctuaries in Michoacan and the State of Mexico, each winter they welcome back millions of butterflies that fly 4,000 miles south from Canada to breed.

15. For the annual migration of the grey whales from Alaska to the bays and coastal lagoons of Baja California Sur.

16. For the gifted painters who found inspiration in Mexico’s landscapes, people, history and traditions: Diego Rivera, Frieda Kahlo, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siquieros, José Maria Velasco, Dr. Atl, Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo and Rodolfo Morales to name a few.

17. Mexican cooking! One of the world’s richest cuisines, it has been declared World Heritage by UNESCO and is a reflection of the fertility of the land, ancient roots and the embrace of ingredients brought from afar by European settlers.

18. For the mariachis, the joyous ambassadors of song. They are the life and soul of every fiesta and we all have our favorite mariachi songs.

Mariachi Mexico | Royal Resorts News Blog

Mariachi band at Hacienda Sisal

19. For its handicrafts, masterpieces crafted from clay, wood, reeds, cloth, metal, stone, shell, beads, glass, beeswax, even vanilla pods…the art of a truly gifted people. A world of creativity from north to south, east to west.

20. For its silver, Mexico is currently the world’s leading producer of this shimmering metal and the silversmiths of the colonial city of Taxco are famous for their stunning creations.

We are sure that you also have your own Mexico favorites, please let us know what it is you love so much about this wonderful country.

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