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Using your Week

We always look forward to welcoming members back to their home away from home. No confirmation call is necessary to let us know you will be coming to enjoy your week(s). We are expecting you and your villa is fully equipped with everything you and your family need for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Royal Resorts membership offers you flexibility to use your villa in a number of other ways if you are unable to travel to the Mexican Caribbean to enjoy your annual vacation. You can lend your villa to family, friends or workmates or rent it using the Rental Program offered by Royal Club Vacations or independently. You can take advantage of the Internal Exchange program to stay at another Royal Resort or at a different time of year or even use it to explore the world.

Royal Resorts is now affiliated to the RCI vacation exchange network and if you are an RCI member you can trade your villa or part of it and stay at nearly 4,500 resorts in exciting destinations around the globe.

Many members are long-time members of Interval International and may still use the I.I. network to take care of their international exchange needs, providing they continue to pay the fees established by Interval International.

Flexivilla Usage Checklist

When you travel with up to six people you can:

  • Use the whole villa during the week you own.
  • Use the whole villa at another time of year using the internal exchange program.
  • Trade the entire unit through the Interval International exchange network for a unit and time period somewhere else in the world.
  • Rent or lend the entire unit.

If you are traveling with up to four people you can:

  • Use the one-bedroom suite for the week you own your villa and trade the “lock-off” portion through the internal exchange program for a week for two in a similar unit either the week before or after you own or at a completely different time of year.
  • Use the one-bedroom suite for the week you own and trade the “lock-off” section internationally for a hotel room vacation somewhere else in the world at the time of year of your choice.
  • Use the one-bedroom suite during your week and rent or lend the “lock-off” unit.

If there are only two of you vacationing one year you can:

  • Stay in the “lock-off” portion of your villa during your week and trade the one-bedroom suite either internally or internationally for a vacation for up to four people at any time of the year.
  • Stay in the “lock-off” portion of your villa and rent or lend the one-bedroom suite.

Please note that you must be a member in good standing at your resort and have paid your Club Service Fee to be able to use your interval in any of these ways.

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