Jorge Duran plays live for Royal Resorts on Facebook

Master guitarist Jorge Duran has made many friends at Royal Resorts over the years. You may remember him playing your favorite songs at El Conquistador restaurant, well now you can watch him jamming live via the Royal Resorts Facebook page.

The man behind the music
How many Royal Resorts members actually know the man behind the music? Jorge Durán tells his story, “I grew up in Mexico City and was always interested in music. I was a DJ and got a job in television working as a music editor for Channel 13 and TV Azteca. I worked on a number of documentaries and chose and edited the music for all the special reports on the 1985 earthquake. However, at the time I didn’t play an instrument.
“TV Azteca had a huge music library and I was in there one day when by chance I heard a classical guitar recording. It was the first time I had heard the guitar played like that and I was captivated. I knew that I had to learn to play the guitar. At the age of 24 I had finally decided that I wanted to do. I wanted to become a musician!
“I had been taking guitar classes for three months when I decided to move to Cancún. At that time, there were no music teachers or schools in Cancún so if I wanted to improve I would have to practice on my own and practice I did, every day, always striving to meet the goals I set myself.
“By 1987, I had made so much progress that I felt confident enough to perform in public. My debut was in the Atrium Bar in the Hyatt Regency. I wanted to play classical guitar but I soon realized that I was going to have to broaden my repertoire. I started to add Bossa Nova, jazz, Mexican favorites, flamenco and pop classics from groups such as The Beatles, Eagles and the Police, and Sting when he went solo, into my playlist.
“Shortly after Hurricane Gilbert in 1988, I started performing at Royal Resorts and I have been here ever since! While most people know me from my nightly appearances at El Conquistador, I have played at all the resorts.
“I began to compose my own music when I took up the guitar. Every time I learned something new in class it was a tool I could use to create something original. I recorded my first album titled On the Beach in 1996. As a result of this recording, Televisa invited me to play live on national TV. That was an incredible experience.
Jorge has recorded a number of follow up albums over the years, and the collection includes Follow your Dreams, Clásicas, Guitar Nights, Cancún Dreamings and Summer Emotions, among others. Each one has its own mood and includes six or seven original tracks. He says, “I think they mark different periods in my evolution as a musician.”
Jorge is a leading light on the Cancun music scene. He sometimes appears on local TV and radio shows and gives classes in music, radio, communication and advertising at the Anahuac University.
“When I perform at Royal Resorts someone invariably asks me to play Hotel California. Other favorites are the Girl from Ipanema, Classical Gas, Yesterday, Malagüeña and Asturias. I think the strangest request I ever received was for Irish dances, it must have been one St Patrick’s Day.
“I don’t have a standard repertoire. Each night is different, it depends on how receptive the audience is and how I am feeling that day.” Jorge concludes by saying, “Royal Resorts members are really special; they are so appreciative. I believe that musicians all over the world would love to have an audience like them.”

Don’t miss Jorge Duran. You can watch him by visiting the Royal Resorts page

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