Royal Resorts Caring for the Community

As of January 13, $843,813 pesos had been raised for the charitable causes supported by the Royal Resorts Foundation*: children’s education, the campaign against cancer, conservation and the emergency relief for employees.

We would like to thank all members, guests and staff who have already made a donation for their generosity.

The Royal Resorts Foundation is raising money for four principal causes:
• 144 scholarships for underprivileged children at the Mano Amiga School in Cancún
• Cancer screening and treatment for patients who cannot afford to pay for the therapies that could save their lives and ongoing support for the Grupo Desafio de Quintana Roo A.C. cancer prevention campaign
• Conservation of the Mayan Jungle
• The Employee Emergency Relief Fund

Visit for more news on our fund-raising activities and to see how you can support the cause. If you are at home and would like to help, you can now donate online. It couldn’t be easier and you can choose which program you wish to support. The new online donation program is available for international donors; it is not yet available in Mexico.

As an alternative, make a donation when you pay your annual maintenance fee or your Club bill at the resort. There are collection boxes in Reception and special fundraising activities such as finger painting or recycling art.

You can help change lives and protect the area’s rich natural heritage for future generations, please give generously.

*Fundación Royal Resorts A.C.

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