The Royal Sea Aquarium a favorite guest destination!

It is said that everyone has his or her special place, a place to which it is always delightful to return. We are looking for that special place in other countries when we travel the world. It’s that unique site, which will remind us of our special place and travels.
The Zemgulis family from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania feels that way about The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort. They have been members since 2000 and they shared their feelings during a live video interview for the Caribbean Royal Channel, revealing how meaningful it is for them to come to The Royal Sea Aquarium Resort: “It’s a special place; this is paradise for us.”

We know that finding your own special place gives you many benefits in life, such as security and a positive point of view. Looking forward to returning offers a boost of happiness and enjoyment, and gives you a special impulse in your everyday life.

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