Summer Coolers at The Royal Market

If you are due to stay at Royal Resorts during the next couple of months, don’t forget to visit The Royal Market, your resort store.

Cool off with traditional Italian gelato from Aldo’s at The Royal Roast Coffee Co in The Royal Sands, or your favorite Häagen-Dazs flavors. Try the line of new decaf and sugar-free drinks from Big Train and mix your favorite cocktails with a larger selection of liquors and mixers.

The Royal Market cellar has also been expanded to include additional wineries from California, France, Mexico, Chile and Argentina such as Hess, Gnarly Head, Matetic, Grand Sud, Viña Koyle, Akai, Coralillo, El Cielo and Altos Las Hormigas.

Start the day in your villa with coffee, pastries or a slice of banana bread, carrot or pound cake.  Try a traditional Mexican candy or take some home as gifts, along with some organic coffee, hot chili sauce and tequila.

Save yourself a trip downtown to the supermarket, you’ll find more variety in the grocery department too, with additional brands of snacks and sandwich fillers, candies, dairy and frozen produce.

If you are heading for the beach, stock up on sun cream, buy a magazine or bestseller and even purchase a waterproof cover for your iPad, iPhone or tablet (The Royal Sands and The Royal Haciendas).

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