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As of May 12, the Royal Resorts Foundation (Fundacion Royal Resorts A.C.) had raised $28,361 US from members, guests and employees’ donations and the sale of recycled waste. Individual donations include $1,000 US from one couple and also equipment such as cribs and scholastic materials. We would like to thank all members who have made a donation for their generosity and support.
Staff from The Royal Haciendas® visited the Mano Amiga School in the Ciudad de la Alegria, Cancun on International Children’s Day, April 29, bearing a cake and gifts for the children. On April 22, Earth Day, members and guests also participated in a painting workshop organized as a fundraising event for the Royal Resorts Foundation. Additional events are planned throughout the year on the twenty-first day of every month.
There are several ways in which you can make a donation to the Royal Resorts Foundation and support its causes: Conservation of the Mayan Jungle, the Campaign against Cancer, Scholarships for Children and the Employee Emergency Relief Fund:

• Via the Club Service Fee bill

• Bank transfer

• At the resort, making a donation when settling the Club Bill, placing loose change in the collection boxes or rounding up when shopping at The Royal Market®

• By participating in specific Royal Resorts Foundation activities organized by the Activity Centers such as Recycling Art and a Finger Painting workshop.

• It will soon be possible to donate online on

Members who would like to make a contribution to a specific cause, volunteer their skills or are donating a larger sum and would like to meet the representatives of the organizations the Foundation is supporting may contact 888-848-0925 (International) or 800-546-7441 (in Mexico) Email:
For more information on the Royal Resorts Foundation, its causes and campaign news, please visit

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