New at the Royal Resorts Spa: Kinich red wine facial

Here’s a new luxury treatment from the Royal Resorts Spa to try on your next trip, a Red Wine Facial. Using several herbal products from the Kinich Spa line, it is ideal for mature skins, as it is rich in antioxidants and stimulates cellular regeneration. It is also an effective cleansing therapy, eliminating impurities, oxygenating and moisturizing the skin. The end result is skin that is silky soft.

      With active ingredients including resveratrol found in the skin of red grapes, pomegranate, bearberry (uva ursi), aloe vera, blackberry, damiana, cloves, cassava and honey, this Kinich facial is fragrant and soothing. It is suitable for normal, sensitive skin types and those with fragile capillary vessels. 

    The treatment begins with a ritual to stimulate the senses. Make up is removed with Kinich Sensypel, a gel rich in soothing extracts of aloe vera, chamomile, orange blossom, grape seed, chlorophyll, grapefruit seed and honey, among other herbs and seeds. A red wine exfoliator diluted with a little water or tonic is then applied and removed with an oshibori towel. The Sensypel gel application is repeated, followed by five minutes of steam. 

    Cleansing to eliminate impurities continues. This is followed by Sensypel tonic, a red wine facial elixir and a soothing skin massage with Xoco Vino extract.

    It’s time for the red wine and clay mask to be applied for 10 minutes. After it is rinsed off, Sensypel tonic is applied followed by a silky Copalche red wine serum for the skin around the eyes and lips. The soft facial massage with Xoco Vino extract is then repeated. Lip therapy and a red wine facial spray are the final touches to complete this luxury treatment.

      So red wine doesn’t just taste wonderful, it is good for the skin too. Try the Kinich Red Wine Facial on your next visit. Available at the Royal Resorts Spa at The Royal Sands and The Royal Haciendas.

About Kinich

Kinich is a Mexican company with a line of organic skin care and spa products made from herbs, flowers, fruit and seeds. It harnesses nature’s bounty, ancient knowledge of healing plants and modern science to bring you Spa therapies that are a fragrant, soothing experience designed to purify, moisturize and boost your wellbeing.


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