Guudjob Customer Service Rating App now being used at all Royal Resorts

On your next vacation use the Guudjob App to rate customer service at all the Royal Resorts. Did a Royal Resorts employee make your day with service that exceeded your expectations? Is there something you feel that he/she could improve on? Post your review in real time with Guudjob.

Downloading the Guudjob app from the Apple App Store or Google Play is easy. All you do is log on and search for the Royal Resorts logo and the person’s profile and you are ready to write your review.

If you would rather post your comments via the Internet, you may do so by visiting and writing your review.

Using the reviews members and guests post on Guudjob helps Royal Resorts identify areas where there is room for improvement and extra training. Reviews also provide additional information on job performance that is incorporated in regular evaluations for the internal employee recognition program. Staff are motivated and professional growth is fostered.

Guudjob was launched in 2016 as a pilot project at The Royal Islander and was extended to all the Royal Resorts on December 31, with the exception of Grand Residences.


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