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Go wild, explore the jungle at Nativa Park

Are you ready to go off the beaten track and into the very heart of nature? If so, then Nativa Park, a jungle reserve near the village of Solferino in northern Quintana Roo, might be for you. Why not plan a visit on your next trip to Cancun? There are four different adventures to choose from in Nativa Park. 


Wild Nativa

Wild Nativa is a day of jungle experiences starting with an ATV ride along 10.5 kilometers of forest trails. You’ll stop to climb a 20-meter observation tower for panoramic views of the jungle and wetlands. 

   Next stop is the park’s natural history museum in a jungle clearing where you’ll see exhibits on native flora and fauna and the Maya. There is a reproduction of a chiclero camp and your guide will tell you about the history of chicle, the latex-like sap that the Maya have harvested from the chicozapote tree for thousands of years and which is the natural raw material for chewing gum. 

    In the Casa Maya you’ll learn how to make tortillas and cook beans using traditional Maya methods. On a visit to the garden you’ll see another interactive museum with displays of tropical hardwoods and seeds found in the area, insects, fruit and even casts of the tracks made by animals such as the jaguar.

    Back in the ATVs, you’ll head down another jungle trail to the shores of the Dakini Lagoon. A fleet of kayaks awaits you for a journey across the lagoon through beds of water lilies. You’ll also learn about the native stingless Maya melipona bee and the park’s conservation program for this species before heading back to the camp for lunch and a swim in the pool.


Nativa Life

Nativa Life is a four-hour tour that includes an ATV drive through the forest and climbing the observation tower, visits to the natural history museum and the Casa Maya. You’ll also go to the Medicinal Herb Garden to learn more about the Maya and their knowledge of plants with healing properties. Finally, see the park’s eco-sustainable water treatment system, the nursery full of seedlings of native trees such as ceiba, chicozapote, cedar and ciricote for reforestation and the melipona beehives.


Nativa Night

Have you ever been in the jungle at night? Have you seen the moon and more stars than you ever dreamed of in a forest clearing? If not, the Nativa Night adventure might be for you.

   After a visit to the Casa de los Aluxes to learn about the spirits that are the guardians of this land and make them an offering you’ll be ready to venture into the forest. You’ll drive your ATV along jungle trails as fireflies flit through the trees. Listen to the sounds of crickets, tree frogs and night birds and you might even spot one of the nocturnal mammals that make their home in the forest: kinkajou, opossums, coatimundis and brocket deer. The lord of the forest, the elusive jaguar inhabits these lands and you may be following in his tracks.  

    You’ll board a kayak for an unforgettable night voyage across the Dakini Lagoon and then it’s on to the observation tower for stargazing. Your guide will point out the constellations and you might even witness a shooting star. This is an incredible moment, when you see the heavens you’ll begin to understand why the ancient Maya were such great astronomers.

    Then it’s back to the camp for dinner and after your meal you’ll visit the area of kanches, the raised beds used by the Maya since time immemorial to cultivate herbs and vegetables.


Nativa Sight

Nativa Sight is a must-do trip for birdwatchers as the forest and wetlands of northern Quintana Roo are home to countless species from tropical and temperate regions. Watch the sun come up and the jungle wake to the sound of birdsong and wing beats. This is the time when the birds begin to stir. From toucans and parrots to chachalacas, ocellated turkeys and turquoise-browed motmots to jewel-colored cotingas, tanagers, cardinals and hummingbirds, all unite in a salute to the new day. 

    A knowledgeable birding guide will lead you along a nature trail and then you’ll climb the observation tower for views of the jungle canopy. With your binoculars you’ll be able to spot even more birds as they take flight, such as flocks of Yucatan and green jays, oropendolas and solitary hawks on the hunt.

    During your walk, you’ll also visit the natural history museum and after breakfast you’ll participate in the park’s reforestation program by planting a tree seed for the future.  


Ready to book your trip with Thomas More Travel?

Are you ready to book your trip to Nativa Park and discover the jungle and wetlands of northern Quintana Roo? Book online with Thomas More Travel or call in at the Thomas More Travel desk in your resort on your next visit. 

    You can combine a visit to Nativa Park with a trip to Holbox Island and enjoy two incredible natural experiences in one day. Ask about the Holbox-Nativa Park trip.


Photos: Nativa Park

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