A serious illness, the prospect of major surgery or coping with a chronic medical condition is devastating for any family but the Royal Resorts Foundation is always there for employees, providing financial aid in times of crisis through the Employee Relief Fund.

In 2019-2020, we helped employees with cases including:

  • Speech therapy for a hearing impaired child
  • Major operations including open heart surgery and a kidney transplant
  • Surgeries and post-operative care for cases of club foot, ankle, knee, spleen, diabetic retinopathy, appendicitis and peritonitis
  • Treatment for chronic fibromialgia and osteoarthritis
  • Testing for stomach cancer

How it began

The Royal Resorts Employee Relief Fund was set up after Hurricane Gilbert in 1988 to help staff whose homes had been destroyed or seriously damaged by the powerful storm, and it was reactivated in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Wilma when 283 employees sought assistance. In 2006, its mission was expanded to help staff cope in times of need arising from illness, providing care, compassion and financial support and alleviating the burden on the household at a time when problems seem insurmountable.

A committee comprised by the Resort Operations Director, the Corporate Human Resources Manager and the Chief Financial Officer manages the Royal Resorts Employee Relief Fund and aid is given after a case study.

Our Goal

To raise US$30,000 to help employees in need

COVID-19 Employee Appeal

As the COVID-19 pandemic triggered an economic crisis in the Mexican Caribbean, many Royal Resorts employees such as housekeepers, waiters, kitchen workers and bellboys who receive part of their salaries from guest tips were facing financial hardship. At the end of March 2020, the Royal Resorts Foundation launched an emergency appeal to help them.

Royal Resorts members rallied to the cause. Thanks to their generosity, a total of US$127,000 was raised. This enabled the Foundation to help a group of 1,230 staff at Royal Resorts and Grand Residences to weather the crisis. From April to the end of July, they received monthly food cards to use in local supermarkets.

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