Looking for tours, always choose the safe option: Thomas More Travel

With more than 36 years of experience Thomas More Travel is your in-house travel agency with professional knowledgeable staff to take care of all your day trip and transport needs.

Thomas More Travel offers you quality travel services that you can trust. It works with prestigious licensed tour operators that have all the official permits, insurance policies and safety protocols.

Its team of consultants will be your guide to unforgettable vacation experiences in the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan. They know the area like the back of their hand and can recommend a variety of tours to suit your budget and interests.

Thomas More Travel offers a collection of tours that no street vendor can compete with. There’s everything from day trips to the Yucatan’s famous archaeological sites to family days out and jungle thrills at the Riviera Maya’s eco and adventure parks; snorkeling and scuba, wildlife watching, island hopping and much more, all available at very competitive prices. Watch for special promotions during the year and you earn Royal Resorts Rewards when booking tours and transport services.

If you would like to go off the beaten track and explore at your own pace, Thomas More Travel offers private tours and can help you create your own sightseeing itinerary.

Thomas More Travel tours and transportation services operate to the highest health and safety standards and have all the official permits and security certifications.

And the best part is that Thomas More Travel consultants are available seven days a week. You can see them at the tour desk in your resort or call whenever you have a question.

If for some reason you have to change your booking or cancel your tour, Thomas More Travel offers flexibility for rescheduling. Its team will always be there to support you.

Beware of beach and street vendors
Buying tours from vendors on the beach, streets or in malls is not recommended. The salesman may seem pleasant enough and the price attractive but it simply isn’t worth it.

Street vendors are unlicensed agents, often operating without official permits or insurance. They do not offer the quality products or the variety of options that your in-house travel agency offers and they won’t be able to help you plan a full sightseeing itinerary, taking care of every detail.

The tours that they sell may be substandard with lax health and safety rules putting you and your family at risk.

As in resort destinations throughout the world, there have been cases of street vendors involved in scams, selling non-existent services and disappearing with their clients’ money. A tour that looked like a bargain may turn out to be an expensive loss if you never hear from the agent again. If you do have a problem with a tour you booked through a beach vendor, be aware that as freelance operators they are difficult to track down and may be unwilling or unable to make changes or reimburse you. If this happens there is very little that your resort can do to help you.

Why take the risk when you have an in-house travel agency to take care of all your travel needs? When looking for tours, always go for reliability and experience, choose Thomas More Travel.

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