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Send your Friends and Family an Exclusive Offer

We want to welcome new members like you to Royal Resorts and we have an exclusive Friends and Family vacation offer that you can send to your friends and family so that they can discover the magic of a Royal Resorts vacation for themselves at The Royal Cancun or The Royal Haciendas.

You can email the vacation offer to your friends or share it with them through Facebook or Twitter. Start referring today, just imagine …you can help fill the resorts and strengthen the family feeling and community ambiance that you know and love.

Start referring today with Friends & Family

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Earn Royal Resorts Rewards for Referrals

Every time one of your referrals books the Friends and Family vacation offer you sent them or joins the Royal Resorts family by purchasing a membership you earn Royal Resorts Rewards. That’s 5,000 Rewards if your referral books the package and an additional 20,000 Rewards if they become Royal Resorts members. Every referral counts. The […]