Xenses Park to Open in the Summer of 2016
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Xenses Park to Open in the Summer of 2016

The Experiencias Xcaret group is opening another park this June. Built with an investment of US$25.5 million, Xenses is the group’s sixth park in the Mexican Caribbean and it promises all the creativity that is a Xcaret hallmark.

What you see is what you don’t in Xenses. It seeks to awaken your senses, playing with illusions and sensations. A half-day experience that is fun and magical, Xenses will challenge your perception of the world around you. There are two circuits with 17 different attractions that take you into a fantastic realm where nothing is as it seems.

With names like the Pinwheel, Way of Dwarfs and Giants, Xensatorium, Xitrico Garden, Flutterfly and Sludgerie, the experiences take place on the ground, underground, in the air and water and will bring visitors into contact with nature.

If you are due to visit Grand Residences in the summer, Xenses is another option for a fun day out in the Riviera Maya with the family.

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Improving Service

Our commitment to enhancing your vacation experience and the service you receive from employees is ongoing and we are always looking for ways to reinforce training. Staff attend receive specialized training, attend workshops and customer service sessions during the year. They take English classes to boost their language skills and are evaluated regularly, discussing areas […]

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Playa del Carmen in Trip Advisor’s Top 25 World’s Best Destinations 2016
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Playa del Carmen in Trip Advisor’s Top 25 World’s Best Destinations 2016

Trip Advisor members have rated Playa del Carmen, the lively capital of the Riviera Maya, as one of the Traveler’s Choice Top 25 World’s Best Destinations 2016. Coming in at No. 19, it is in the company of cities such as London, Istanbul, Marrakech, Paris, Prague, Rome and New York and travel spots such as Ubud in Indonesia, Cusco and Kathmandu.

See the full list at: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/TravelersChoice-Destinations

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Improving Service

Our commitment to enhancing your vacation experience and the service you receive from employees is ongoing and we are always looking for ways to reinforce training. Staff attend receive specialized training, attend workshops and customer service sessions during the year. They take English classes to boost their language skills and are evaluated regularly, discussing areas […]

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Akumal bay now a protected area
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Akumal Bay now a Protected Area

By official Federal Government decree on March 7, Akumal Bay was declared a Marine Refuge for Protected Species. This move will strengthen conservation efforts for the three species of sea turtle that inhabit the area: the green, loggerhead and hawksbill; four species of coral: staghorn, elkhorn, soft corals and sea fans; three species of mangrove: white, buttonwood and red and three species of sea grass, among others.

Comprising 1,600 hectares, the protected area runs for approximately 11 kilometers along the coast from Xcacel-Xcacelito to Akumal Bay, Half Moon Bay and north to Yalku and Sirenis. It overlaps with an already existing Fish Refuge and will be administered by CONANP, the National Commission of Protected Areas.


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Improving Service

Our commitment to enhancing your vacation experience and the service you receive from employees is ongoing and we are always looking for ways to reinforce training. Staff attend receive specialized training, attend workshops and customer service sessions during the year. They take English classes to boost their language skills and are evaluated regularly, discussing areas […]

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Say no to straws in Playa del Carmen
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Say no to straws in Playa del Carmen

The Playa del Carmen municipal government will soon be launching a campaign to reduce the use of drinking straws in the city, with the aim of eventually extending it to plastic bags too.

Unsightly straws litter beaches and are washed out to sea where they injure sea turtles and other marine creatures and add to the harmful plastic waste already accumulating in our oceans.

At Royal Resorts restaurants and bars, our waiters already ask members and guests if they would like a straw or not, inviting them to join our conservation campaign instead of automatically serving their drink with a straw. We hope that when you dine out in Playa del Carmen you will ask for your drink without a straw.


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Improving Service

Our commitment to enhancing your vacation experience and the service you receive from employees is ongoing and we are always looking for ways to reinforce training. Staff attend receive specialized training, attend workshops and customer service sessions during the year. They take English classes to boost their language skills and are evaluated regularly, discussing areas […]

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If one of your Royal Resorts hosts made your day during a recent visit, why not mention them in a review on Trip Advisor? Share your vacation experiences with the world www.royalresorts.reviews


“A Great View of History” Royal Resorts Members Share their Bacalar Experience

Foto: Guillermo Isaac Huesca Solis

Foto: Guillermo Isaac Huesca Solis

Royal Resorts members for 16 years, Bruce & Cherie R. from the Twin Cities, Minnesota recently took the Bacalar and Muyil trip and loved it. They very kindly granted permission for us to share their review on the blog.

We enjoyed a day-long van tour to the temple at Muyil and the lagoon/cenote at Bacalar. It was a great view of archeology and Mayan history, and a view of a lagoon/cenote with seven levels of color in the fresh water.

We stopped in the city of Tulum for fresh fruit. It was interesting to us to view the market and all its fresh produce. The city of Tulum, and all towns we passed through south of Playa del Carmen were interesting to view as typical of the state of Quintana Roo. The colorful buildings, plazas and courtyards, flowers, the residents and the big tricycles all paint a wonderful mental picture for us.

Our guide, Albert, gave us a talk on the history of the Mayan culture, which was very enlightening, and gave him a feeling for our knowledge. We learned from the topics he covered, and he went into detail for us as he learned we had studied Mayan history for many years.

We arrived at Muyil, put on our bug spray (no bug problems), and toured with pertinent information from our guide. There is good signage there, and he also answered our questions beyond the signage. He pointed out other interesting items, such as the termite nests, and various trees we do not see in the northern U.S.

We ate our bananas and golden mangos from the market, and the tour staff provided plenty of cold water to keep us hydrated. The trip proceeded to Bacalar, which was still a distance south. As we approached, we could see the lagoon from the highway.

We entered the Hotel Laguna property, and our party joined the pontoon guide, Victor. He spoke to Albert in Spanish, who translated for us. The area is interesting ecologically in the past and present, with freshwater stromatolites and the white sand that creates the seven-color variations, depending on the water depth. We loved the well-kept hotels and private homes along the shore. We motored out to the channel across the lagoon where we could swim in shallow water, and learn how the pirates (English) entered in small boats to come ashore away from the cannons at the Spanish fort. The large galleons could not enter via this shallow channel.

We tied up to an abandoned nightclub built as a concrete ship. It was never used because it was in an ecological area. The sand is not like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, which has small grains of coral. At Bacalar, it feels more like sand in the U.S., and is muddier when you pick up a handful. The local people use it as an exfoliant. The freshwater was very warm, in some places like a mild hot tub. Soooo relaxing! We returned to the hotel passing an island with spoonbills and other birds living in the trees. It is a de facto bird sanctuary the local residents protect.

On returning to the hotel, we changed and had our meal. I refrain from calling it lunch, it was a wonderful meal, as filling and scrumptious as a dinner. We had three choices each for appetizer, main course, and beverage. We also found out we had a dessert as well. We chose the nachos with refried beans & melted cheese, plus salsa & guacamole. It came on a dinner-sized plate. The entrée was grilled fish and pineapple, rice and corn; with tortillas on the side. The dessert was a large sundae glass of flan, one of our favorite Mexican treats. This meal was served on the ground level deck, overlooking the lagoon and the hotel paths winding down to the shore.

Our day was sunny, with perfect temperature & breeze, and a cozy feel at the hotel. We were on a private tour and being taken care of very, very well.

This tour does start at 6:45 AM, and returns in the evening. If your group would like a ride south with a few stops, and a return trip with one stop on the return, this is a very low key, relaxing tour. Truthfully, our guide let us snooze.

Share your Travel Experiences

Do you have a favorite place or travel experience that you have booked through Thomas More Travel that you would like to tell us about? Share your Mexican Caribbean and Yucatán memories with us and we will publish them on the blog.

Look up at the sky and get ready to be amazed: Birds of Playa del Carmen and Cancun

Living in Playa del Carmen while working in Cancun gives me a unique opportunity to enjoy the commute between these two cities early in the morning. A couple of weeks ago, while I was driving to the office, I considered making a list of the fauna you see when driving down the Federal Highway. For obvious reasons, most species are birds. They fly over the road and don’t risk becoming roadkill.

Buteo magnirostris by Cristóbal GalindoSo with this plan in mind, I’ve been watching the road but also amusing myself on my way to work trying to spot as many birds as possible. I’ve seen some beautiful things. For instance, Buteo magnirostris is a fairly common bird in the area, and may be seen in the vicinity of highways, hence its name. It’s a relatively small bird of prey (31–41 centimeters [12–16 in] long and weighs 250–300 grams [8.8–11 oz]) and, according to Wikipedia, “is often the most common raptor in its range.” The Roadside Hawk’s diet consists mainly of insects, reptiles, and small mammals. It will also take small birds, but far less often that other super-specialized raptors.

This beautiful raptor is not easy to spot but once you know what you are looking for it will pop up on the electricity lines along the road, in tall trees and sometimes just flying overhead. Once you see it, it’s easy to identify by looking at the lower breast and underparts which are barred brown and white, it has yellow legs and a fairly big beak (magni = big, rostris = beak).

Osprey by Cristóbal GalindoAnd while we’re on the subject of raptors, one of my all-time favorite birds is the Osprey (Pandion haliaetus, also known as sea hawk, fish eagle or fish hawk) and two days ago I saw one while I was crossing the Puerto Morelos bridge, coming from the inland forest towards the ocean. It’s (thankfully) also a fairly common bird to see. Sometimes, going south (towards Tulum) I’ve been able to see some of them with fish on their claws… Amazing! This raptor is easy to identify because of its distinctive brown and white pattern. They normally nest in the highest dead tree in the area and also on antennas or the top of tall buildings.

It’s funny because I have not realized that Seattle Seahawks football team are actually named after this raptor. Now I know, the logo explains itself.

Quiscalus mexicanus by Cristóbal GalindoAll of these are beautiful birds, however, the most common bird in the area is Quiscalus mexicanus a.k.a. Great-tailed Grackle or Mexican Grackle. If you have ever been eating lunch and a black bird with apparently no fear of humans whatsoever comes close to you to steal a piece of food you have left on your plate, that’s almost positively a Mexican Grackle. Males have beautiful metallic black plumage while females are brownish and darker on the back. They are gregarious and noisy birds, meaning you can see flocks of these birds flying all over the city. They don’t seem to be afraid of us and can get very audacious when food is in the equation, sometimes going as far as taking it directly from your hands so beware.

When you start getting closer to the Cancun Hotel Zone and enter by the southern entrance near the airport, you will be surrounded by mangroves, which are the second most productive ecosystem in the planet (second only to coral reefs) and also home to some of the most beautiful birds in the area, including herons, egrets, ibis, roseate spoonbills and cormorants. So far, I have only once been able to see Egretta tricolor the Tricolored Heron, my second favorite egret (first being, Egretta rufescens, the Reddish Egret). As the name suggests, it has beautiful tricolored feathers and was formerly known as the Louisiana Heron. It is a fairly small egret and is quite shy and not easy to spot but trust me, whenever you see one you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

Egretta tricolor by Cristóbal Galindo

If you like bird watching I recommend the Bird Watching Tour offered by Thomas More Travel

Stay posted for more articles about the birds and animals I see on my daily journey to work and my travels through the Mexican Caribbean. This is what I’ve been able to identify in just a few days, there are many more!. If you have a picture of an animal or bird that you’d like us to help you identify, share it with us on Facebook! Also, feel free to post your question in the Comments section or Ask Joanna and we’ll answer you ASAP.

See you soon!

Moonlight and Music, the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival Celebrates 10 Years

Jazz fans are gearing up to enjoy the 10th Riviera Maya Jazz Festival this weekend, November 22-24, 2012, on Playa Mamitas beach in Playa del Carmen, capital of the Riviera Maya. Mellow music, starlight, a gentle breeze and a beautiful Mexican Caribbean setting make this a must-see event for visitors and local music lovers alike, and this year’s line up offers something for everyone.

November 22
Big Band Joe D’Etienne
This Mexican big band performs traditional jazz and original compositions.

Pete Escovedo
Originally from Oakland, California, Pete Escovedo is hailed as one of the leading Latin Jazz musicians. He is joined on stage by his two sons who play percussion in his ensemble.

Victor Wooten
Award-winning bass guitarist Victor Wooten is a five-times Grammy winner and has been voted Bassist of the Year by Bass Player Magazine three times, the only musician to have won the award more than once. Born in Tennessee, he is a solo performer and member of Grammy winning group Béla Fleck & the Flecktones, in addition to being a composer, teacher and writer.

November 23
From Tijuana in Baja California, Nortec are five-time Grammy nominees who play a vibrant and unique blend of banda and norteño music from northern Mexico and electronic sounds. Listen for the accordion and double bass that characterize the norteño musical genre so popular along the border, and the tuba, clarinet, horns and bass drums or tambora used in banda music from Sinaloa.

Poncho Sánchez
Latin jazz, soul artist and conga musician Poncho Sánchez takes his inspiration from conga drummer and composer Chano Pozo and trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie.

Level 42
Originally from the Isle of Wight, this British jazz funk and dance rock band has a sophisticated sound that has been delighting music lovers since the early 1980s. Between 1980 and 1994, 20 of their singles made the Top 40 in the UK Singles Chart, the most famous of which was Lessons in Love, which climbed to number 3 in the charts. The band celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2010 with a tour and a commemorative box set of their most famous songs.

November 24
Playa del Carmen born and bred, Aguamala has been the host band at the Riviera Maya Jazzz Festival for the last eight years. They have toured Mexico extensively and have performed at jazz festivals in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Wayne Shorter Quartet
Born in Newark, New Jersey, Wayne Shorter is a jazz legend. He was a member of the Miles Davis Quintet from 1964 to 1970 and then co-founded Grammy award-winning band Weather Report, the leading fusion group in the 1970s and 1980s.

John Scofield
Born in Ohio, John Scofield attended Berklee College of Music in Boston and is an Adjunct Professor of Music at New York University, in addition to his many recording and touring commitments. He is widely regarded as one of the finest jazz guitarists and a master of musical improvisation. During his glittering career, he also performed with other jazz legends such as Gerry Mulligan, Chet Baker, Billy Cobham, George Duke, Charlie Mingus, Garry Burton and Miles Davis.

Don’t miss the chance to see world-class jazz musicians on stage in Playa del Carmen. Concerts are slated to begin at 7 p.m. at Playa Mamitas and admission is free.

Source: http://www.rivieramayajazzfestival.com

Featured photo by Mexico Today (Flickr)

Beach Hopping in the Mexican Caribbean, Some Favorites

We all have our favorite beach whether it is a crescent of soft white sand bathed by the gentle waves of a tropical sea or a windswept shoreline in northern climes that is ideal for a bracing walk. If you are in search of the perfect beach, the Mexican Caribbean is the place for you, its famous coastline stretches for well over 500 miles and here are some of our favorite spots in Cancun, the Riviera Maya, other parts of the state of Quintana Roo, and also in the neighboring state of Yucatan, they aren’t in any particular order but they are all beautiful in their own way. Read on and discover them.

We have to include Cancun! After all, its sweeping vistas of powder-white sand and turquoise waters first alerted the world to the beauty of the Mexican Caribbean. Its appeal is enduring, it has been rated No. 2 in the Trip Advisor 2012 list of Mexico’s Most Beautiful Beaches. Whether it is the open ocean shore of Cancun Island or the sheltered bay side protected by Isla Mujeres, 22 kilometers of beach with names such as Playa Las Perlas, Playa Langosta and Tortugas, Playa Gaviota Azul, Marlin, Ballenas, Delfines and Punta Nizuc await sun worshippers.

cancun | royal resorts


With their gentle surf the bayside beaches looking out towards Isla Mujeres are ideal for small children and you shouldn’t miss the chance to stroll along the Caribbean shoreline from Punta Cancun to Punta Nizuc.

Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres
Just a 20-minute boat ride away from Cancun, Isla Mujeres boasts several beautiful beaches, but the jewel in the crown is Playa Norte. This swathe of white sand bathed by impossibly turquoise waters is a magnet for sun lovers who while away the hours on sun beds or at bars under the palm trees. Go snorkeling, watch the yachts sail past and stay on for spectacular sunsets.

Isla Mujeres

Puerto Morelos
This peaceful fishing community has its own slice of paradise, it is nestled on a wide white beach that stretches to the north and south and is sheltered by an offshore reef that is a National Marine Park. The waters are calm and the corals harbor a variety of colorful fish and other sea creatures.

puerto morelos | puerto morelos riviera maya

Puerto Morelos

Walk along the beach from the leaning lighthouse that has become a Puerto Morelos landmark and enjoy the enchanting views of sparkling water and life in a traditional coastal village.

Voted No. 1 on Trip Advisor’s list of Mexico’s Most Beautiful Beaches for 2012, and with good reason, Tulum is breathtaking. Mexico’s most visited Mayan city perches on a cliff top overlooking the Caribbean and wooden steps lead down to a tiny bay where trading canoes once rocked gently at their moorings more than 1,000 years ago. The views along the coast from such a majestic vantage point are of headlands and white bays stretching as far as the eye can see.

tulum tours | Thomas More Travel


In ancient times Tulum was known as Zama, which means “Dawn” and this magical place is certainly a great spot to watch the sunrise.

Playa del Carmen
Whether it is for sunbathing, a game of beach volleyball or candlelit parties at chic waterfront bars and clubs, Playa del Carmen’s shoreline draws an international crowd. Playa Mamitas is a popular haunt and is the venue for the Riviera Maya Jazz Festival in November. Just imagine, rustling palm trees and mellow music by the light of the Caribbean moon.

Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

A perennial favorite, Akumal is a picture-perfect beach dotted with palm trees. The bay is protected by a coral reef and the shallow waters are calm and crystal-clear, making it an ideal spot to take children. Spend the day building sand castles – Mayan pyramids, fish and turtles are popular subjects – and snorkeling, you’ll see a variety of colorful fish and you may even see one of the turtles that gives this idyllic spot its name. In Maya Akumal means “place of the turtles.”

akumal | royal resorts news blog


A short drive along the coast road to the north of Akumal beach is Half Moon Bay, a rocky cove dotted with coral heads where the reef is closer to shore. The snorkeling is even better here and you can laze on the sand after swimming. There’s a funky tropical beach bar with swings, hammocks, thatched lookout towers and tables and benches made of tree trunks. Order a cocktail and enjoy the view. The water is so clear that you can sometimes see turtles coming up for air and rays and parrotfish swimming in the shallows.

Punta Maroma
This peerless stretch of dazzling white sand has featured in many an international travel magazine and was once hailed as the world’s most beautiful beach. A secluded hideaway favored by the rich and famous, it is still possible to wander along the beach here in the morning and enjoy the solitude.

punta maroma | maroma

Punta Maroma

Photo: Alessandro Polli (Flickr)

Located between Akumal and Xel-Ha, the beach at Xcacel is an important nesting site for sea turtles and was declared a sea turtle sanctuary by the Quintana Roo state government several years ago in order to protect it. Access is difficult but it is a magical spot, a crescent of powder-white sand backed by a palm grove and dunes covered in native shrubs such as the ciricote and sea grape.



Photo: Stephanie Ilner (Flickr)

Boca Paila
To visit lovely Boca Paila beach you must venture into the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, one of Mexico’s largest protected areas. While you can enter this wilderness south of Tulum and drive to the beach along the bumpy coast road (there are lots of potholes), we think it is much more fun and rewarding to sign up for an eco trip.

boca paila

Boca Paila

Photo: Sarah McGee (Flickr)

This option will take you to the archaeological site of Muyil, on an exhilarating boat trip through the Chunyaxche Lagoon system and along a natural canal in the wetlands that was widened and deepened by Mayan traders over 1,000 years ago. You’ll actually sail past one of their temples en route to the coast and you’ll see herons, egrets, ibis and other birds in the marshes and mangroves.

The channel eventually widens to reveal a bridge and beyond that a white beach and the Caribbean. “Boca Paila” means the “mouth of the pail” and it is the only place in northern Sian Ka’an where a freshwater canal fed by cenotes and underground rivers flows into the Caribbean, and fish from wetland and marine ecosystems can move between both worlds.

Sit in the warm sun, enjoy the soft Caribbean breeze and take in the view. Ospreys nest in an abandoned watchtower, terns and pelicans dive into the waves, and herons and other waders wait patiently in the shallows for their prey.

A 30-minute ferry ride from Chiquila on the north coast of Quintana Roo, Holbox is an island fishing community on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. White beaches, aquamarine and green waters and rustic charm are its hallmarks. This is a spot to laze on the beach and watch the fishermen unload the catch of the day, go for long strolls along the shoreline or charter a boat to explore the surrounding wetlands and Yalahau Lagoon, part of the Yum Balam Reserve. During the summer you can go in search of whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays.

holbox | holbox mexico


A two-hour boat ride to the north of Cancun lies Contoy, a true desert island. This narrow strip of land is a bird sanctuary with colonies of frigate birds, cormorants and ibis nesting in the mangroves, but it also has several beautiful beaches. Visitors on eco trips to the island can spend their time relaxing on the sand on the leeward shore, swimming with stingrays in the bay or walk the coast paths on the windward side where the surf is stronger.

contoy | contoy island


Most visitors make a beeline for Cozumel’s world-famous coral reefs for diving and snorkeling and the sheltered beaches along the west coast of the island, however, the east coast also merits a visit. While many stretches of this windswept shoreline are not recommended for swimming due to strong currents and undertow, there are many pristine beaches and bays that are perfect for a stroll and have magnificent views of the Caribbean.

cozumel | cozumel mexico

West coast of Cozumel

Xpu Ha
Another popular stretch of soft white sand in the Riviera Maya lined with hotels, luxury beach homes and a couple of beach bars.

xpu ha

Xpu Ha

Photo: matthias_bay (Flickr)

Costa Maya
Southern Quintana Roo also has a chain of little known beaches known as the Costa Maya. The fishing village and cruise ship port of Majahual is the gateway to this area, which also offers good diving, snorkeling and fishing. The area has been earmarked for low-density tourist development with small hotels, dive lodges and cabañas for visitors in search of nature.



Photo: William Boncher (Flickr)

Gulf Coast Beaches in the Yucatan
From San Felipe and Dzilam de Bravo in the east to Celestun in the west, the Gulf Coast beaches of the Yucatan have their share of white sand and are backed by lagoons and wetlands that are rich in wildlife.

Watch the sun go down over the Gulf of Mexico at Dzilam de Bravo and you may catch a glimpse of flamingos flying back to Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve to roost after a day foraging for tiny shrimp and other crustaceans in the coastal lagoons. Keep your eyes on the horizon and as the sun sets you may even spot the famous green flash.

rio lagartos

Rio Lagartos, Yucatan

Mexican Caribbean Sand is Always Cool to the Touch!
Of course, the Mexican Caribbean has another blessing; the white sand is always cool to the touch, unlike the black and golden sands of other tropical destinations which can heat up to uncomfortable levels. This is due to the fact that it is composed of minute particles of calcium carbonate from limestone and fragments of coral and shells that have been eroded and ground up by the waves over time. These reflect the sunlight and keep the temperatures down.

Keep our Beaches Beautiful
Help us keep the beaches of the Mexican Caribbean clean. We all need to do our part to protect the world’s beaches and oceans.

cancun resorts | cancun hotels | Royal Resorts

The beauty of Cancun - Photo by Claudia M

Always take your garbage with you when you leave.

Recycle and reuse. The world’s oceans are full of plastic and there are huge islands of garbage. Waste is also carried for thousands of miles by currents and much of it eventually washes up on beaches. The harmful chemicals in plastics and minute fragments called micro-plastics accumulate in the food chain affecting the health of fish, birds and other marine creatures and ultimately our own.

Dispose of ring pulls, plastic beer packaging and cellophane bags correctly. They are all harmful to seabirds and marine life, including the sea turtle, which mistake bags for jellyfish, one of its foods.

Do not stub cigarettes out in the sand, the beach is not an ashtray! Not only is it unsightly and unhygienic, the UN International Maritime Organization also estimates that tobacco litter is harmful to 177 species of marine animals and 111 species of shorebirds.

Staff at the six Royal Resorts in Cancun and Playa del Carmen participate in a daily beach-cleaning program, as do many other resorts in the area, and local NGOs such as Amigos de Sian Ka’an A.C., Flora, Fauna y Cultura and the Centro Ecologico de Akumal organize regular beach clean ups in different parts of the Mexican Caribbean. You can lend them a helping hand.

royal resorts goes green | beach cleaning

Royal Resorts staff participating in the daily beach cleaning

Beach Thursday

Beach lover? Don’t miss our “Beach Thursday” page! A weekly selection of beautiful beach pictures submitted by Royal Resorts members and guests.

beach thursday

Tell us about Your Favorite Beach
We are sure that you have your own favorite beaches too, so why not drop us a line and tell us about them and don’t forget Beach Thursday! Send us your pictures and you could see them published on this blog.


Xel-Há, get ready for the fun!

 xelha - xelha cancun | xelha park

Xel-Ha Park, Riviera Maya

Drift on an inner tube through fresh spring waters and underground river currents, among exotic mangrove tunnels in a safe and relaxed way. These gently flowing currents will guide you to an open river that runs its course for approximately one kilometer.

xelha - xelha cancun | xelha park


All Inclusive Xel-Há offers Mexican and international buffets, as well as an exquisite selection of cocktails and domestic open bar at a variety of world class restaurants and bars. Snorkel equipment, lockers, towels, life-vests, inner tubes and bicycles are only some of the inclusions that will make your Xel-Há experience, even more extraordinary. Xel-Há Natural Wonder is a world of fun!

xelha - xelha cancun | xelha park


Xel-Há is only 90 min. away from Cancun and 30 min. away from Playa del Carmen. The Park is open 365 days a year.

Step into a natural paradise, a splendid sanctuary of marine life officially declared one of Mexico’s Natural Wonders. At this beautiful collection of inlets, lagoons, cenotes and caves with crystal clear waters, you can enjoy a truly fun, unique and unforgettable experience in contact with nature.

xelha - xelha cancun | xelha park


As you immerse in Xel-Há’s enigmatic turquoise waters you will discover the ancestral meaning of this precious natural site, baptized by the Mayas as the “place where the water is born”, also an important refuge for more than 400 land

and water, flora and fauna species

that are protected in this magnificent ecosystem. The Xel-Há experience takes you on an exciting snorkeling adventure swimming next to sergeant, snapper, parrot and angel fish, a family of rays and endless curious creatures that inhabit the inlet.

xelha - xelha cancun | xelha park


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Music & Tequila, Two January Events in the Mexican Caribbean

January is a busy month for events in the Mexican Caribbean and the Yucatan. The City Festival is in full flow in Merida and the Puerto Morelos Music Festival will take place from January 26-28 and February 2-4. Meanwhile, Playa del Carmen is also hosting a Tequila Festival, January 26-29.

Puerto Morelos Music Fest

puerto morelos mexico | royal resorts

Puerto Morelos, Mexico

For the seventh year running, the main square in Puerto Morelos is hosting a Music Festival from January 26-28 and February 2-4 in the evenings. All concerts are free and include gypsy and Celtic, jazz, rock, reggae, pop, blues, salsa, Mayan and Mexican music performed by local and International artists. The event also features dance displays ranging from Yucatecan and Mexican folk ballet to flamenco.

For more information on participating musicians and the festival performance schedule visit http://www.puertomorelosfest.com

Playa del Carmen Tequila Festival
Tequila fans mark your calendars! Playa del Carmen is hosting a Tequila Festival, January 26-29, from 4 to 10 p.m. Learn more about Mexico’s national drink, one of the world’s favorite tipples, and of course, savor some of the connoisseur tequilas being presented by participating producers.

tequila mexico | royal resorts

Agave plantation in Mexico

An exhibition showcases the tequila production process, from the harvest of the blue agave, the cooking of the pineapple-like root, which is then crushed to extract its sugary juice, and finally distillation and storage in oak barrels. There will be music and dance performances during the festival and the musicians closely associated with tequila and the traditional bars known as cantinas, the mariachis, will also take to the stage. In 2011, mariachi music and culture joined the Tequila region of Jalisco on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

tequila mexico | royal resorts

Cooked Agave roots

There will be 26 stands representing some of Mexico’s best-known tequilas and experts will be on hand to tell visitors more about tequila, its history and to explain the difference between blanco, reposado and añejado. They will also recommend tequilas for specific food pairings and indeed finger food will be available from local restaurants participating in the festival.

A variety of tequilas will be on sale in the Tequila Shopping Area. The Festival admission fee is $10 US per person and tickets may also be purchased for Tequila Pairing lunches and dinners for an additional cost.