Royal Resorts presents: Cancun Underwater Sculpture Park

Around 300 cement sculptures are now being submerged and installed at four different sites in the Cancun-Isla Mujeres Marine Park to form part of the eagerly awaited Cancún Underwater Sculpture Museum.  Snorkelers and divers will be able to admire the figures by British artist Jason de Caires Taylor at Punta Nizuc, and Manchones Reef, La Carbonera and Aristos in the bay between Isla Mujeres and Cancún.

Jason de Caires Taylor Cancun Underwater Museum

Jason de Caires Taylor working on a sculpture

When complete, the museum will be the largest of its kind in the world and will have more than 400 sculptures. Apart from their artistic appeal, the figures will provide an artificial habitat for reef dwellers such as corals, sponges and algae to colonize, in time attracting other creatures such as small fish and crustaceans. Park authorities hope that the museum will alleviate some of the visitor pressure on some of the most popular local reefs, giving coral communities a chance to recover.

The Lost Correspondent - Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum

The Lost Correspondent - Cancun Underwater Sculpture Museum

(Image taken from Jason de Caires Taylor’s Website)

Heres a video from Royal Day about the Cancun Underwater Sculpture Park

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